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13 Beautiful Green Kitchen Ideas From Our Shows

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In Drew and Jonathan’s countless years of home renovations, they’ve delivered many gorgeous colorful kitchen renovations. But can we tell you a secret? Green kitchen ideas will always be one of our favorites! And as a matter of fact, we’re not alone. The color green has only gotten more popular in interior design trends lately. It’s like a modern-day neutral, since it can easily complement a variety of home styles, natural weaves and textures, and other base neutrals (like tan, beige, and cream).

Because olive, hunter, sage, and moss are such versatile shades, a splash of green in the kitchen really adds that sought-after wow factor. And the Bros certainly know just how to get the job done! From Celebrity IOU to Brother Vs. Brother, Property Brothers Forever Home, and all the Bros’ shows in between, we’ve seen quite the array of makeovers. So we dug around to find the most fabulous green kitchen ideas that they’ve created over the years. And let’s just say, Drew and Jonathan did not disappoint!


Celebrity IOU: Melissa McCarthy

When Melissa McCarthy came to the Bros to help renovate her Aunt Connie and Uncle Jim’s home, she knew they had to make the kitchen shine. Melissa’s Aunt Connie loves cooking and hosting, so the Bros made sure to pay special attention to the heart of the home. By painting the cabinets and the underside of the kitchen island a deep fern green, they made the whole room come alive. The color contrasts the pure Bianco Carrara stone perfectly.


Property Brothers Forever Home: Katie and Jason

Katie and Jason’s family home got a huge makeover on this episode of Property Brothers Forever Home. The foster parents were in need of a kitchen that they could move around in, but with enough storage to handle their growing family. So Drew and Jonathan completely redesigned the kitchen and dining area to better suit their needs. The rich hunter green cabinetry adds depth to the room, and also acts as a beautiful hue to build other neutrals and wood-tones around.


Celebrity IOU: Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts’ Celebrity IOU makeover for her dear Aunt Moo had our hearts melting! But their heartfelt relationship isn’t the only thing that had us swooning. Just look at this fabulous green kitchen! The Bros gave Emma’s Aunt Moo the custom eclectic kitchen of her dreams, complete with a roomy peninsula, tea corner, and even a space for her pup’s water bowls. All this, painted in a spectacular clover green.


Brother Vs. Brother: Team Jonathan (Season 7)

On this episode of season 7 in Brother Vs. Brother, both Drew and Jonathan had to tackle designing the ultimate additional dwelling unit. Jonathan renovated his home’s detached garage into a gorgeous (and versatile) guest house. Complete with a functional Murphy bed and folding glass doors that lead out into the backyard patio, this suite ticked all the boxes. Jonathan then crafted a modern, bold green kitchen that perfectly complemented the rest of the space, and added an extra layer of luxury to the guest house.


Brother Vs. Brother: Team Jonathan (Season 8)

Jonathan went head-to-head against Drew on the kitchen showdown on season 8 of Brother Vs. Brother, and he certainly delivered! Jonathan’s vision was bold, moody, and modern. So that’s why he went with cabinetry in a smokey grey-green color. The dark countertops contrast beautifully against the hue for a chic and luxurious feel, while the size of the waterfall island makes the room feel larger than life.


Brother Vs. Brother: Team Drew (Season 8)

drew brother vs brother marble and blue kitchen with gold lighting

Facing off against Jonathan, Drew’s kitchen design on season 8 of Brother Vs. Brother also featured shades of green. The plaster-washed walls complement the striking green cabinetry well. The two tones are brought together harmoniously throughout the room, from the pale marble countertops to the dark green legs of the island stools. Drew wanted a fun-meets-functional design, and we think he nailed it!


Property Brothers Forever Home: Gavin and Kate

Sometimes, all you need is a splash of color to draw your eye in and make a room pop! That’s exactly what we see here in Gavin and Kate’s renovation from Property Brothers Forever Home. The main goal was to maintain their beautiful mid-century home’s character and celebrate its eclectic vibe. In the kitchen, we see this play out perfectly with a punchy green island that commands the attention of the room against the gorgeous white quartz counters and cream cabinetry.


Property Brothers Forever Home: Lois and Mark

When Lois and Mark discovered their dream home was up for sale, they jumped at the chance to buy it. The house was in need of some work, and after taking on multiple DIY projects that fell flat, they finally called on the Bros for help. Bits of mid-century modern design, coupled with the rich earth tones that the couple loved, made this reno one of our favorites. This deep earthy blue-green color that was painted on their cabinetry and molding both grounds the space and makes it pop all at once.


Property Brothers Forever Home: Jericka and Matthew

Jericka and Matthew’s home reno was inspired by a mix of organic colors and materials coupled with modern finishes and stylish touches. Of course, green kitchen ideas are beautiful when they come in striking hues, but they’re also gorgeous in muted tones. We don’t know about you, but we’re obsessed with this olive color! It enriches the colors around it, from the bold bright white of the quartz counters to the dimensional beige tones of the backsplash.


Property Brothers Forever Home: Tammy and Dimiter

When Tammy and Dimiter found this beach house up for sale, they jumped at the opportunity to purchase. They knew it was the perfect place for their daughter to grow up. Of course, it was gorgeous. But the couple knew it needed some TLC. So the Bros got to work making their dream home as beautiful on the inside as it was on the outside. They incorporated hints of earthy hues throughout the home, from a stunning green onyx fireplace to subtle olive-painted shelving. In the kitchen, their standout island was painted that same rich olive tone. Their home became one of those green kitchen ideas we can’t stop thinking about!


Property Brothers Forever Home: Janice and Mark

In this Property Brothers Forever Home episode, Janice and Mark get the grown-up home makeover of their dreams. Their three kids have grown into pre-teens, and of course, as families grow and change, so do their needs! Their house full of toys needed to mature into something that better suited their new dynamic. Drew and Jonathan turned the old playroom into a formal, chic dining room; made the living room into a swanky space for comfort and dancing; and completely transformed their outdated kitchen into a serene green cooking space, fixed with state-of-the-art appliances for Janice.


Property Brothers Forever Home: Jasmin and Nick

When Jasmin and Nick purchased their beautiful turn-of-the-century home, it certainly came with its quirks. One of them being a closed-off layout that complicated the flow of the home. So the Bros came in and helped turn their home into a welcoming, open space that better suited their taste. They incorporated modern elements, like a distinguished tile fireplace and pops of color. In the kitchen in particular, a calming green color shines through and creates a gorgeous atmosphere for cooking and gathering. The muted moss green grounds the space, while gold fixtures and bright white countertops give it some sparkle.


Bonus: Jonathan and Zooey’s Kitchen


We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention our favorite green cooking space of them all—Jonathan and Zooey’s kitchen at the Park House! The bright green cabinets are complemented by chic black finishes and a not-your-basic tiled backsplash. Cozy bar stools add a laid-back feel and offer plenty of seating for the whole family to hang out while they prep meals.

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