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We Asked the Pros to Predict Interior Design Trends for 2024, and Here’s What They Said

2024 Interior Design Trends

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Alongside New Year’s Resolutions, decluttering our homes, and finally repainting that spare bedroom, we’re also really looking forward to seeing the fresh interior design styles that will come out in 2024. Which colors can we expect? What design style is leading the pack? Are we still privy to comfy boucle chairs? 2024 interior design trends are swaying in a frenzy of different directions, but there is one mark that connects each of them: Intentional pieces with rich histories that create visually interesting motifs.

Trending home designs don’t have to mean completely gutting your home for a do-over. Rather, trends are suggestions and inspirations to add to an ever-developing mood board for your space. We asked four of our favorite designers to share their predictions for the coming year, and their answers might surprise you! From uniquely-made and distinctly colored area rugs to single-material backsplashes and a newfound love for textured walls, these experts had a lot to say about 2024’s design trends.

So, What Are Interior Designers Predicting for 2024?

Christina Henck, Henck Design

About: Christina is the CEO and owner of Henck Design, an award-winning, full-service interior design company that focuses mainly on hospitality and commercial projects. The company centers around three design beliefs: Interior design follows fashion; changing your house or work environment changes your life and the lives of others; and for anyone who is struggling, having a beautiful space to exist in can truly be healing, energizing, and uplifting.

Self-Described Style: Modern classic.

Predictions for 2024 Design Trends: We’ll take a trip back in time while remaining on-trend with sun-bleached Turkish rugs. They’re not as expensive as other full-saturation oriental rugs (usually Persians), and they also have an updated color story. The Turks literally throw full-color rugs over a stone or pavement in the summer to create a neutralized and lightened version. This way, you get an up-to-date color story with a traditional pattern, creating a truly transitional look, which is all anyone wants anymore! Here’s a cool article that speaks more on Turkish rugs and their distinct handcrafted beauty.

Drew Michael Scott, Lone Fox

About: Drew Michael Scott, known as @LoneFox on Instagram and YouTube, is a DIY guru and home designer in Los Angeles, CA. Drew started his YouTube channel back in 2018, and has now surpassed over 1.5 million followers on the Lone Fox channel. He shares video tutorials with DIY room decor, apartment makeovers, and organization tips. His most recent design escapades involve renovating his recently-purchased 1920s Spanish Revival home.

Self-Described Style: Eclectic and layered with a mix of old and new.

Predictions for 2024 Design Trends: Pattern play! I believe people are going to steer away from solid colors and textures and switch over to patterns ranging in scale to create interest in their space. I think we’ll start to see more unique wall finishes, as well, rather than just paint, as people continue to add interesting character to walls and make them feel more aged. I’ve been steering away from simple paint lately as interesting wall finishes have been grabbing my attention. I love using products from Meoded like their different plasters.

Jasmine Crockett, Joy Meets Home

About: Jasmine is the founder of Joy Meets Home, a design and lifestyle brand on a mission to make home design easy and attainable. Crockett began her blog back in 2013 and has since grown to become a pillar in the home design community. She’s crafted her Joy Meets Home Instagram to inspire her audience with an obtainable, elevated approach to interiors that spark joy.

Self-Described Style: Harmonious mix of modern functionality and timeless elements.

Predictions for 2024 Design Trends:

1. Warm Neutrals Dominate

In 2024, interior design is poised to embrace the richness of warm neutrals and earthy tones, creating spaces that exude comfort and tranquility. From caramel and terracotta to soft grays, these hues will define a welcoming ambiance, aligning seamlessly with the principles of transitional design.

2. Unified Aesthetics With One-Material Backsplashes

Streamlined aesthetics take the spotlight in 2024, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. Anticipate the rise of one-material backsplashes, where a singular material, such as natural stone or large-format tiles, delivers a sophisticated touch, simplifying the visual landscape and contributing to the transitional charm of interiors.

3. Nature-Inspired Elements

Embracing a connection with the outdoors, 2024 may see an upsurge in nature-inspired design elements. From botanical prints to organic textures and materials, incorporating nature into interior spaces enhances the transitional aesthetic, fostering a sense of balance and harmony with the surrounding environment.

Jennifer Fox and Tonia Omeltchenko, Fox + Chenko Interiors

About: Nationally recognized and awarded for their design, Fox + Chenko Interiors aims to bend classic, timeless styles with the stylish elements of today. Founded by Jennifer Fox and Tonia Omeltchenko and stationed on Long Island, NY, the duo specializes in timeless residential projects that create a welcoming, relaxed style.

Self-Described Style: A fresh take on classic interiors that function for how we live today.

Predictions for 2024 Design Trends:

1. While “white” kitchens continue to be the most popular choice to create a classic lasting design, the look is being updated from the stark white on white and white on grey kitchens that have dominated over the past few years. We predict you’ll continue to see white kitchens but with added warmth and a mix of metals, texture, and pattern.

2. Warm woods like natural walnut and tiger maple will be used in combination with fresh off-whites in cabinetry.

3. Mixed metals and finishes will play a key role to create interest in the kitchen. Statement range hoods will combine contrasting metals of golds, silvers, and blacks in both polished and burnished finishes and allow ease to mix metals in the rest of the kitchen for faucets, hardware, and lighting.

4. Texture and pattern will bring a richness to the white kitchen. Solid surface and quartz countertops with natural veining and texture will add depth to surfaces, while textured wall tiles laid in interesting patterns will make an impactful statement, particularly when carried full wall height from countertop to ceiling.

So what are you looking forward to this coming year? Do you have plans to renovate your kitchen or switch up the style of your primary bedroom? There’s lots in store on our end, and we can’t wait to share all our exciting new home decor ideas this year.

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