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Property Brothers: Buying & Selling

We help homeowners renovate and sell their current home for top dollar while also finding them a new one that’s fit for the family.

Season 8

Crystal & Jon

To Crystal and Jon’s relief, their home didn’t need...

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Rosanne & Allison

Rosanne needed to put her house on the market...

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Dana & Andy

Dana and Andy can explain their disaster area: Their...

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Nicole & Matt

With three kids under seven—including an adorable set of...

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Season 7

Missy & Jay

Missy and Jay live in a posh neighborhood that’s...

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Lisa & Lee Roy

Nashville-based musicians Lisa and Lee Roy knew it was...

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Novella & Terry

Novella and Terry’s five-bedroom, five-bathroom home had a surplus...

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Julie & Jason

We hate to play the blame game, but this...

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