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Drew’s Tips for Using Your Renovation Budget Wisely

If you’re considering putting your house up for sale, you probably have a lot on your mind. Besides hunting for a new home (and thinking about what to wear during the process!) you also have to consider your renovation budget and what tweaks you can make to your current property so that it’s more attractive to buyers. That’s where real estate expert Drew comes in! 

Today we’re throwing it back to Drew’s former series, Setting the Stage, where he walked through stale home listings and offered advice on how to stage the space to sell fast for top dollar. In this video, he dove into what he calls “spot renovating,” which is essentially when you update certain areas in the house but not everything. This saves money up front, but it can lead to a disrupted flow that may end up discouraging prospective buyers in the long run. How do you avoid “spot renovating” and still keep things affordable? Here are some of Drew’s best tips for making your renovation budget and your home work for you.

Tip 1: Make It Flow

If you’re using your renovation budget to put in new floors, make sure they flow throughout your space. This listing showcased new wood flooring in some areas, but the old flooring was still intact in others. This led to a slightly choppy layout that wasn’t quite as successful as it could have been if they were all one material. 

Tip 2: Think About the Aesthetics

When updating an outdated space like a kitchen, homeowners will often put in new countertops and call it a day. However, this can actually make the other areas of the room look more outdated. If you are going to update a large area like the counters, consider also painting the cabinets and swapping in stainless-steel appliances. Or even something as small as a new faucet can help blend the upgrades together. Oh, and pro tip: No fluorescent lights! They can cast a yellow hue and make the space look dingy. If you need inspiration for other lighting options, we have you covered here.

Tip 3: Give Every Room a Feature

One of Drew’s best renovation tips is to make sure every room has a feature or a purpose. This can be something small that makes a big impact, like decor, a unique light fixture, a built-in bookcase, or even a kitchen island. Whatever you choose, make sure it works in the space and adds interest or function.

Tip 4: Light it Up

If your home has a basement or other dark area, you can easily make it more inviting by painting the walls a light color and adding warm light fixtures. Try not to add in too many dark colors with furniture and decor either so that the space feels bright and welcoming.

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