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Where to Watch Property Brothers Shows Like Forever Home, Celebrity IOU, and More

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There’s nothing better than curling up on the couch at the end of a long day and streaming one of Drew and Jonathan’s shows with a bowl of popcorn! But if you don’t have cable television, you might be wondering where to stream Property Brothers shows like Forever Home, Celebrity IOU, or Brother Vs. Brother. Luckily, your favorite Drew and Jonathan series are ready to watch online at the click of a button.

Whether you’re craving some major kitchen makeover inspiration, want to catch up on your favorite celebrity home renos, or just think of our series as your comfort shows, we want to make sure that you can watch them anytime you want. That’s why we put together a comprehensive list of where to stream our series—so you can find all your favorites quickly and easily (which means more time for watching our new shows!).

Property Brothers

The one that started it all! The original Property Brothers series is jam-packed with amazing stories and reno inspiration. Watch as Drew and Jonathan help families just like yours find, buy, and totally renovate homes to fit their budget. Along the way, see them navigate all the twists, turns, and unexpected fixes that can pop up when purchasing a new property.

Stream Property Brothers on:

Property Brothers: Forever Home

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Though Property Brothers: Forever Home might sound similar to Property Brothers, it’s actually a bit different. On Forever Home, the couples already love the location and structure of their home and need Drew and Jonathan’s help finding its potential. The Bros put all their focus into redesigning and renovating the families’ houses, in order for them to become their dream homes.

Stream Property Brothers: Forever Home on:

Brother Vs. Brother

Brother Vs. Brother is an epic showdown where Drew and Jonathan compete with one another to see who can flip a home for the highest selling price. It’s all about fun design, inspirational reno ideas, bold, fierce style, and—of course—pranks. We all know Drew and Jonathan love a little brotherly competition!

Stream Brother Vs. Brother on:

Celebrity IOU

Celebrity IOU is the surprise home renovation show that combines everything that good TV has to offer: A-list celebrities, beautiful remodels and design, fun-loving surprises, and genuine kindness. You’ll want the tissues handy for this one!

Stream Celebrity IOU on:

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