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16 Creative Room Divider Ideas to Get Some Space

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Whether you live in an open-layout apartment and need to create zones; crave some extra privacy from your neighbors on the patio; or want to transform your work from home space back into a living room when guests come over, there’s a simple solution: taking nods from the best room divider ideas. Room dividers are an affordable, easy option for adding definition to your space, empowering you to improve your setup without making any permanent changes or calling in a construction crew. They come in a seemingly endless array of styles and materials, from thick hanging drapes to foldable rattan panels, and you can even store them away when you’re not using them.

If you haven’t looked around for room divider ideas lately, then you probably don’t know just how many fantastic choices you have at your fingertips. Below, are some examples of what you can try from curtain room dividers to room divider screens and more.


IKEA Lungon Indoor/Outdoor Privacy Screen



If your outdoor space is a bit too exposed for your taste, an indoor/outdoor screen will give you the privacy you crave. This is made from a combination of galvanized steel and polyester powder coating designed to withstand the elements.


Urban Outfitters Ria Room Divider Screen

Urban Outfitters


This rattan screen room divider is a stylish idea for a boho bedroom. It lets plenty of light through, making it an ideal choice for tighter spaces where you don’t want to add heaviness or make the area feel smaller.


IKEA Kallax Shelf Unit



Double-duty decor like the classic Kallax shelf is a small-space dweller’s dream. Not only do the cubbies create a distinct separation between two areas, they make a perfect spot for displaying books and trinkets or storing toys, towels, linens, and other items that need a home.


Bay Isle Home Caviness Folding Room Divider



Available in natural and black, this folding room divider can easily mask the mess in your living room, hiding your office desk, kids’ toys, and any other items you don’t want on display when company comes over.


Anthropologie Floral Upholstered Room Divider



If you’re a renter and want to upgrade from simple white walls, decorating with a statement room divider is a fabulous way to bring personality without painting or wallpapering. That way, you still get the punch without having to take anything down on your way out.


Bayou Breeze Stelian Wood Divider



Double-duty products are never a bad idea, which is why this pegboard room divider is a must. You can use it to block light or delineate space however you need, and you can hang clothes, accessories, or other items as well.


Umbra Anywhere Blind Room Divider



Umbra’s room divider uses tension rods and a sliding curtain panel to offer privacy when you need it—and only when you need it. Keep the panel extended when you want and raise it up when it’s time to open your space.


Bungalow Rose Diadra Short Folding Screen



Lots of the room divider ideas on this list come in neutral colors to keep them relatively understated, but not this beauty. It’s hand-woven from recycled magazines, giving each individual item its own unique pattern. At just four feet tall, this screen is a bit shorter, but can still make a statement, especially in a kids’ room.


Bayou Breeze Mcadoo Folding Room Divider



Does your bedroom, dining room, or living room also serve as your home office? This customizable divider can keep your WFH setup out of sight when you’re not using it and keep the distractions at bay when you need to be productive. It comes in two colors and either three, four, or six panels.


Godear Design Hanging Room Divider

Home Depot


This offers a sleek way to define your space, although it might take a few minutes to install. The adjustable-length mount attaches to the ceiling, and the semi-sheer panels hang down, smoothly sliding from side to side on the four-rail track. The panels are 96” tall, but you can trim them down if that’s too long for your room or doorway.


Roundhill Furniture Panel



Elegant and easy on the eyes, this four-panel divider will add a touch of glam wherever you put it. It’s made from reinforced rice paper and available in two colors: a rich, warm gold and a sleek silver.


Sand & Stable Windermere Room Divider



Available in either three, four, or six panels, this shutter-style room divider comes in seven colors and folds flat for easy storage. Bonus: The slats provide a way to hang photos and other items that you want to display on the extra “wall” space.


Lark Manor Reisterstown Single Panel Room Divider



Peek-a-boo! This lattice room divider is perfect for decorating and breaking up your space, indoors or out. Each freestanding, solid wood panel is 36” wide, and you can purchase them in bundles of two, four, six, eight, and 10.


Gracie Oaks Eversyn Room Divider



Rustic or traditional home décor enthusiasts will likely want something that accentuates their existing decorating scheme. This gorgeous two-tone room divider looks like it’s made from classic barn shutters, adding personality, charm, and privacy wherever you put it.


Sorbus Room Divider



Need a little extra privacy in a small bathroom? A divider may work wonders for that. This idea is woven and has straps, making it extra durable. And since it’s available in six neutral hues, there’s a good chance you’ll find one that perfectly matches your colors.


Nicetown Lower Noise Room Divider Curtain



Some prefer a curtain so you can “close” off a space, even if you don’t have a traditional door. Consider a room divider curtain like this idea, which helps block out light and muffle sound. Just don’t forget to toss a tension rod into your cart so you can hang it.

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