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The Best Colorful Kitchens From Our Shows

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Kitchen style trends come and go, but one thing we’ll never get enough of around here? Color! Of course, over the years, Drew and Jonathan have renovated a ton of different kitchens, on different budgets, all with different needs. But we gotta say, some of our favorites have to be the ones that incorporate color and pattern. Because something as simple as this really makes a room go from “blah” to beautiful. (Just look at Jonathan and Zooey’s kitchen!) Some of the Bros’ best colorful kitchens are ones that combine tone, contrast, and texture variety to create a space that feels personalized and chic.

Maybe you’re looking for the best colors for your kitchen, or maybe you just need some inspiration to get your kitchen renovation started. Luckily, we’re here to help get those creative juices flowing! Whether you’re a fan of modern slate blue cabinets, cheery butter yellow tiles, rich green paints, or simply just bright accent decor, you’re going to love these colorful kitchens.


Mid-Century Modern but Make It Earth Toned

On this episode of Property Brothers: Forever Home, Lois and Mark needed their space renovated specifically for their growing family. The couple wanted a kitchen with tons of storage, but made to fit their mid-century modern style and love of earth tones. The slate blue cabinetry here combines with the white marble countertops for a perfect harmonious combo.


Emerald Green and Natural Wood

When Emma Roberts came to Drew and Jonathan wanting to surprise her Aunt Moo with a new kitchen, they simply couldn’t say no! Aunt Moo is a big fan of color. In fact, her favorite is featured on her new kitchen cabinets here! The Bros combined that rich, deep green with wood tones in the hanging shelves and then contrasted those hues with a bright white stove that featured brass hardware.


Butter Yellow Tile

Drew’s kitchen reno on Brother vs. Brother season 6 showcased a stylish backsplash that had us all in awe. The olive-yellow tile is actually made of olivine, a natural mineral that, when ground and formed into tile, takes on a unique hue. This, against the dark wood cabinets above and then the muted grey beneath, created a welcome pop of color in the space.


Dark Cabinetry With a Pop of Red

Jonathan’s kitchen design on season 6 of Brother vs. Brother, however, went for something a little more clean-cut, with pops of bright red to complement the understated dark cabinetry. Sometimes, all it takes is one or two standout pieces (like the barstools) in order to draw the eye in and create a space that looks camera-ready.


Teal, Gold, and Marble

On season 8 of Brother vs. Brother, the Bros certainly had a showdown in the kitchen! Drew’s design included a classic muted checkerboard hood range, which nicely contrasts but also complements the other modern elements of the space, like the gold light fixtures. What’s more, the mix of styles, textures, and colors here creates a gorgeous backdrop for family dinner nights.


Cool Blues and Dark Hues

However, on Jonathan’s Brother vs. Brother season 8 kitchen reno, he went a little more bold with the island. Instead of just incorporating that dark marble onto the countertop, he went with a full waterfall effect. He also matched the countertop to the backsplash, to make that bold colorway feel intentional and styled.


Bright Carolina Blue

Looking for a bright (blue) idea? Renee and her daughter Audrey wanted the Bros to prioritize color and comfort when redesigning their kitchen. Drew and Jonathan ended up transforming their crowded ’60s-style bungalow into a bright and unique space they’d undeniably love. Combining wood tones with unusual tile and of course, that bright blue color, made this reno everything they wanted and more.


Muted Olive Greens and Neutrals

Katie and Jason are two foster parents who were in need of a major upgrade when it came to their kitchen space. They wanted flow, color, and family-friendly upgrades, and they got all that and more. These muted olive green tones in the cabinetry against the medium-toned wood make the space feel ultra-chic as well as ultra-personalized.


Airy Mix of Tones and Pigments

British immigrants Helen and Jared moved to LA to put down new roots. But what they didn’t want in their new home? Clutter, boring walls, or uncomfortable design. So with the help of Drew and Jonathan, the couple received a modern kitchen upgrade that exceeded expectations. Yellows and blues complement one another, with natural wood tones to ground the room. They infused color and personality with storage and order to give the couple a space that wowed.


Coastal Colors and Finishes

This kitchen renovation from Drew in Brother vs. Brother season 5 not only brought in coastal charm with its colors, but also with smaller details, like this nautical-inspired chandelier. The blue of the chairs really stands out against the more muted blues of the cabinetry, and creates a subtle yet striking contrast.

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