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Property Brothers Forever Home

We’re on a mission to help couples transform their houses into forever homes where they can put down roots and happily spend their lives. But first, they need us to unlock the full potential of their house and renovate it into the home of their dreams.

Season 7

Property Brothers Forever Home: Tenny & Lyle

This home reno was a touchdown.

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Property Brothers Forever Home: Brian & Stephanie

Brian and Ephie are finally ready to put down roots!

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Property Brothers Forever Home: Helen & Jared

Here's how we helped these British expats feel right at home.

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Property Brothers Forever Home: Hillary & Trae

Another "first" for this home? A major makeover!

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Season 6

Lisa & Sean

From the explosion of crafts across the dining table...

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Denise & Bob

Denise and Bob’s entrance had amazing height, but was...

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Jodi & Mel

From the start, Jodi and Mel wanted their living room...

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Sandy & Colter

Transitioning the house into an open-concept space had always...

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Season 5

Cristina & Rob

A galley kitchen just wasn’t cutting it anymore for...

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Aliya & Chris

The kitchen was a very sentimental place for Aliya,...

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Kimberli & Sheldon

Kimberli and Sheldon’s home has been in Sheldon’s family...

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Amber & Alex

Amber and Alex are high school sweethearts who wasted...

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Season 4

Carlee & J.J.

Carlee and J.J. are two very tall travel enthusiasts...

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Lisa & Jay

Lisa and Jay recently moved from Dallas to the...

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Kelly & Brian

Brian and Kelly were heart-and-soul New Yorkers living in...

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Debbie & Christina

Debbie is a retired Air Force nurse who moved...

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Season 3

Charlotte & Chris

Charlotte and Chris had just moved into their dream...

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Jackie & JR

Jackie and JR tried for years to have children...

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Brooke & Ben

Brooke and Ben used to live abroad and moved...

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Patricia & Bruce

Patricia and Bruce had made a lot of memories...

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Season 2

Paola & Michelle

Paola is the rock of her family, a hardworking...

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Elaine & Skee

Elaine and Skee love their small house, but they...

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Stephanie & Chris

Steph and Chris love their neighborhood. They’ve lived in...

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Michelle & Ghopi

Michelle and Ghopi’s forever home is the center of...

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Season 1

Tamara & Maddy

Tamara bought a home in her childhood neighborhood nearly...

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Rina & Nilesh

Rina and Nilesh have cherished their Toronto home ever...

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Michelle & Chris

Michelle and Chris are high-school sweethearts who grew up...

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Vanessa & Michael

Vanessa and Michael have spent the past 16 years...

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