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Super Bonus Spaces

Now up 2-0, Jonathan takes on creating the ultimate additional dwelling unit and office space, while Drew experiences the downside of renovating a 100-year-old house while building his bonus wellness wing. Guest judge Breegan Jane arrives ready to select a winner who’ll get every superhero fan’s dream come true –their own custom-made superhero suit and movie poster photo shoot.

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wdt_ID Room Product Type product_link STYLE Product Company Product Code/Sku
1 Drew's ADU Front Door Automated Keypad EMPowered™ Motorized Touchscreen SMART Keypad Entry Set with Baden Grip -Connected by August EMPowered™ Motorized Touchscreen SMART Keypad Entry Set with Baden Grip -Connected by August Emtek EMP1103
2 Drew's ADU Flooring Mohawk Vintage Harbor 210014 Colonial Gray Oak Mohawk Vintage Harbor 210014 Colonial Gray Oak Wayfair W000933085
3 Drew's ADU Ceiling Beams Rough Hewn Walnut Rough Hewn Walnut Barron Designs N/A
4 Drew's ADU Exterior Doors and Windows Premium Series French Casement Premium Series French Casement Weathershield Aluminum Clad - Jet Black
5 Drew's ADU Interior Doors 1-Panel 2-Step Shaker 1-Panel 2-Step Shaker Trimlite 8491 1-Panel 2-Step Shaker
6 Drew's ADU Glass French Doors White Lami French Door Custom White Lami French Door Custom Trimlite 1501
7 Drew's ADU Moulding Baseboard Baseboard Woodgrain Millwork No. 1867
8 Drew's ADU Moulding Crown Crown Woodgrain Millwork No. 260
9 Drew's ADU Door Hinges Oil Rubbed Bronze Hinges Oil Rubbed Bronze Hinges Emtek 96514
10 Drew's ADU Door Knobs Oil Rubbed Bronze Round Door Knob Oil Rubbed Bronze Round Door Knob Emtek Modern Rectangular Rosette: 5112, 5212, 5052

Drew’s Corner Chateau

Coming off two straight losses, I have to go all in on the bonus space challenge. Luckily for me, I can get into the head of what a buyer in this neighborhood wants most, because I am a buyer in this neighborhood. (Don’t ask why this hasn’t helped in the previous challenges.)

Drew’s Before & After

Drew’s Design Highlights

Let’s face it: We’re in L.A., and that means people want to be healthy and look and feel good. My home gym comes complete with pilates machine, stationary bike and room for yoga. It’s the perfect spot for potential buyers to get fit—and to make Jonathan sweat.


We set out to create a separate, peaceful vibe in the additional dwelling unit. These new arched windows combined with thoughtful furniture (sized appropriately to the space) create a welcoming feel for guests, who can unwind and make themselves at home whether they’re preparing for a quiet night in or an epic night out.


We carried muted white tones throughout the guest space, including here in the bedroom, which features a gallery wall with gold-framed prints. Everyone deserves to feel comfortable and relaxed at the end of the day, and this light but warm color palette, combined with a massive bed, will give every guest a good night’s sleep.

More Inspiration

Team Drew

Photography: Jim McHugh
Art Director: Breeze Giannasio
Construction Lead: Hart Hempelmann, Paragon Fine Remodeling
Stylist: Erik Kenneth Staalberg

Jonathan’s House Next Door

The detached garage in this house was extremely gross, but the space was perfect for an additional dwelling unit. My mind was in two places at once: turning the ADU into a great guest space, while also coming back into the main house for a classic home office and a kitchen conversion to a coat room and powder room.

Jonathan’s Before & After

Jonathan’s Design Highlights

The back of the house is where the old kitchen was, so now that we have a gleaming new one, it was time to rethink the whole space. I added a coat room with tool space in the very back, and put this luxurious powder room off to the side. Sure, it might be used for washing up, but why not do it in style?


Our garage didn’t need to be a garage anymore, which is good, because it barely was one in the first place. Instead, we created the perfect additional dwelling unit, with a Murphy bed and fold-out glass doors in order to maximize space and style.


Finally, because I couldn’t do enough in one challenge, I also took on a home office, where these massive, beautiful built-ins really stand out against the stylish ceiling. I can’t get enough of the blue set against the wood and leather furniture. This space will make a prospective buyer actually want to go to work.

More Inspiration

Team Jonathan

Art Director: Jolene Kraus, Park Studio L.A.
Construction Lead: Donnie Biggs
Stylist: Erik Kenneth Staalberg

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