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Adding Luxury to Your Living Room

Because if there’s one place you should feel like royalty, it should be in the heart of your home.

Fireplace Fashion

You might think of a fireplace as something hard to personalize but changing the tile can transform your entire room. Go bold and modern with a fun pattern or subtle and rustic with a wood tone.

Colors and Creativity

Another simple but effective change can be to give your features a fresh coat of paint. Don’t be afraid to experiment with color. Something that contrasts with the surrounding walls can turn a previously nondescript set of shelves or a boring fireplace into a highlight feature.

brentwood chair

Sit Back and Relax

The best kind of seating combines comfort and style. If you want something cozy and cushy, yet also modern and light, then don’t settle for anything less than an accent chair that fits all your needs. 

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