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We Tested the Bissell Little Green Machine and Here’s Our Review

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Keeping your home organized is hard enough, but staying on top of deep cleaning fabric-based items like couches, carpets, and more? Forget about it. It’s a pain to pay a pro to do it, not to mention expensive. But if you want those high-ticket items to stay beautiful for years to come, it’s also a must. That’s where Bissell’s Little Green cleaner comes in.

I’ve heard about this machine for years now but never got around to trying it. However, I moved recently, and I promised myself that I would invest in keeping things very clean from the get-go. That included my couch and new area rugs, because as someone with a cat and a dog (and a small apartment where my couch is also my dining table), I know how dirty some of my furniture and decor can get… and all the pet hair removers in the world can’t save it. So, I decided to go for it and get the Little Green to see if it lived up to the hype. Short answer: Yes. But keep reading for my official Bissell Little Green review.


  • Gets out tons of dirt and debris
  • Easy to use
  • Under $120
  • Good for pets


  • Requires drying time
  • Formula bottles are 32 ounces, so could need to repurchase often depending on usage
  • Machine needs a decent amount of storage space

What I Bought

How to Use the Bissell Little Green

The Bissell Little Green instructions are pretty simple. First, pick a formula. There are a few to choose from: I’ve tried the pet formula and the Spot & Stain with Febreze, both with the same results, as far as I could tell. Then, you mix the formula with warm water and attach one of its tools (for me, it’s usually the standard suction brush it comes with). After that, you turn it on, use the spray trigger to apply the formula, and use the brush to suction everything up. When you’re finished, all the gross gunk will be in its own tank, which you can empty out. One quick note is that you’ll want to build in a few hours for whatever you’re cleaning to dry, as it will get wet from the formula.

What is the Bissell Little Green for?

Bissell states that the Little Green can work on carpet, stairs, upholstery, rugs, auto interiors, and more. But, as with anything that requires a wet formula, you should always check your items’ cleaning instructions first. And be sure to test the Little Green out on a small section of the furnishing to ensure it dries correctly before you tackle the entire thing.

For reference, I’ve used the Little Green on my navy velvet couch and my white-and-pink Ruggable rug (which is made from polyester with a polyurethane water-resistant barrier). I haven’t had issues with either, however the rug needed a second pass to get out some lingering dirt that was brought to the surface after I used the Little Green on it the first time. Gross, I know!

Can Bissell Little Green be used as a vacuum?

While it does suck up some debris as it goes, I always use a regular vacuum or hand vacuum first to get rid of the pet hair and other unmentionables that are hiding in plain sight. (Here’s a list of our editors’ favorite vacuums, by the way.) The Little Green is more about a deep clean versus your normal maintenance and I found it works better if there’s less going on between its suction brush and the actual item.  

So be honest: Is the Little Green machine worth it?

For me, absolutely. I’ve used it about four times now, and each time I have emptied out extremely dirty water, proving that, yes, I needed that deep clean. You just can’t fake those results! My couch and rugs also looked better and smelled amazing afterwards, as well. While it does take an investment in time—you do have to wait for the material to dry and diligently vacuum beforehand—I think it’s a tool well worth having in my arsenal. It’s a great way to maintain your high-priced items and ensure they last (and don’t look dingy) for years to come.

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