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Kimberli & Sheldon

Kimberli and Sheldon’s home has been in Sheldon’s family for three generations, with memories and original features aplenty. Some are charming, like a beautiful chandelier and a brick fireplace, but others—like a dated kitchen—needed to make way for modern life and their two little ones. We gave them the sophisticated upgrade they were looking for while honoring family heritage—and throwing in a big surprise, too!

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FH S5E11 Kimberli&Sheldon

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1 Throughout Pot Lights HLB4LED HLB4LED HALO HLB4 LED
2 Throughout Hardwood Floors Loreto Loreto CRAFT Artisan Wood Floors N/A
3 Entry Light Fixture Keystone Sconce Keystone Sconce Generation Lighting CW1021AI
4 Living Room Light Fixture Helios Flush Mount Helios Flush Mount Generation Lighting AF1083ADB
5 Living Room Table Lamp Whare Table Lamp Whare Table Lamp Generation Lighting ET1292BBS1
6 Dining Room Light Fixture Brianna Double Sconce Brianna Double Sconce Generation Lighting EW1002BBS
7 Dining Room Light Fixture Capri Wide Pendant Capri Wide Pendant Generation Lighting TP1001BBS/AWT
8 Dining Room Fabric Shades Flat Roman Fabric Shade Flat Roman Fabric Shade Smith & Noble 18746 – Slub Linen White
9 Kitchen Island Countertop Barroca Barroca Ollin Stone N/A
10 Kitchen Chandelier Nodes Medium Linear Chandelier Nodes Medium Linear Chandelier Generation Lighting KC1012BBS

Before & After


The most clearly outdated part of Kimberli and Sheldon’s house was the kitchen, with old wooden cabinets and a stove with only one functional burner. We abandoned the original footprint altogether and flipped the kitchen and dining room, giving them more room for both a prep space in the kitchen and a standalone island between the now-dining room and the living area. Add in those two-tone cabinets and a waterfall slab on the island, and we think we cooked up a pretty modern kitchen for this lovely traditional home.


Originally the main bedroom wasn’t in the budget for Kimberli and Sheldon, who opted to spend that money on a sliding door so the kids could easily access the back door for playtime. We weren’t just going to let them get away with being loving, caring parents without helping them, too! So we snuck in a few extra members of our crew to renovate their bedroom, including the grand reinstallation of Sheldon’s grandmother’s chandelier. Now Kimberli and Sheldon have their own retreat they can relax in after putting the kids to sleep.


The living room fireplace was definitely a feature at one point in the house’s past, but time had passed it by. Fortunately we were able to see past the overwhelming amount of brick and hone in on the most impressive detail, which was the border of the hearth. By doing stucco around the rest of the fireplace and cleaning up the brick, now there’s a brilliant contrast that perfectly illustrates the intersection of old and new that Kimberli and Sheldon’s house now embraces.

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Art Director: Sydni Hoffman
Construction Lea: Ron Bernstein, Lio James Construction

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