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Season 4

Carlee & J.J.

Carlee and J.J. are two very tall travel enthusiasts...

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Lisa & Jay

Lisa and Jay recently moved from Dallas to the...

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Kelly & Brian

Brian and Kelly were heart-and-soul New Yorkers living in...

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Debbie & Christina

Debbie is a retired Air Force nurse who moved...

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Jill & Jim

Jill and Jim moved into their suburban Las Vegas...

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Katie & Jason

Katie and Jason moved into their Las Vegas home...

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Holly & Cory

Holly and Cory moved into their Las Vegas ranch-style...

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Marcie & Alyssa

Marcie is an Air Force veteran, cancer survivor and...

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Misti & Steve

Misti and Steve needed to find room to raise...

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Charisma & Eric

Charisma and Eric moved to Las Vegas three years...

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Ashley & Mike

Mike and Ashley were high school sweethearts, so when...

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Sarah & Todd

Sarah and Todd’s nine-year old home has taken a...

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