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10 of Our Best White Kitchen Ideas for a Chic, Timeless Space

best white kitchen ideas
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Home design trends change all the time, and though we love a trendy color, you can never go wrong with the classics. There’s one look that will never go out of style: white kitchen ideas. There’s something so elegant and timeless about a crisp, white cooking space. And believe it or not, there are actually a ton of shades of white to choose from, and so many decor styles you can pull off with them. White is a popular, versatile color for a reason—it’s a neutral that will work anywhere, guaranteed.

With so many kitchen renovations under the Drew and Jonathan’s (tool)belts, we decided, what better time to show off some of our favorite white kitchen ideas? From striking modern kitchens to glamorous-looking rooms with gold finishes, to cozy white cooking spaces that boast natural wood finishes, you might be surprised to see how different each of the looks are. Get ready to be inspired for your next kitchen makeover! But if you are looking for something bold, may we suggest green kitchens?


White Waterfall Island and Contrasting Details

When the Bros went to help Lee Roy and Lisa transform their home, there was one thing that they knew they had to tackle: their outdated kitchen. Drew and Jonathan turned their cramped ’50s-style cooking space into a spacious, bright, and sun-soaked dream room. The marble waterfall island and striking black accents make this space a contemporary and sophisticated space for hosting gatherings.


Crisp, Clean, and Made for Hosting

Kelly and Brian are the kind of couple who were made to host! Brian is a world-renowned mixologist, while Kelly is an impressive chef. But their space just wasn’t cutting it. After moving to Las Vegas from New York City to start a family, they knew they needed the digs to fit their lifestyle. So that’s where Drew and Jonathan came in. The Bros soon transformed their uninspired kitchen into a totally craftsman space. It was complete with a custom bar and gorgeous wine wall, and came alive with cool, bright white cabinetry and countertops.


Dreamy Marble and Light Wood Tones

Denise and Bob‘s dated oak kitchen and living space just wasn’t inspiring them anymore. As creative, bold people, they wanted a space that wowed but still felt chic. So the Bros made it happen! What was once a cramped, cold room soon became a posh kitchen with warm-toned finishes, natural textures, and bright, bold shades of cream.


Chic Checkerboard Tile

This Property Brothers Forever Home episode with Melody and Chris was inspiring, to say the least! The couple moved to the neighborhood to be closer to a Deaf and Hard of Hearing school for their daughter, Arianna. And while they loved the new community, they just couldn’t adjust to the house’s dysfunctional layout. So the Bros came in and worked their magic, knocking down some walls and installing more counter space to better adjust the home to their needs. Their kitchen really pops with the use of timeless checkerboard tile as well as crisp, white finishes.


Blending Traditional Textures With a Modern Color Palette

Sometimes, it’s hard to compromise. John and Lynn knew this all too well. After 10 years of disagreeing on style and layout, they had all but given up on their dysfunctional house. But then Drew and Jonathan showed up to lend a hand. They helped the couple find a beautiful middle ground on their unique styles, mixing John’s traditional vibe with Lynn’s more modern taste. So in combining different elements, like neutral wood accents and a blue-gray backsplash, with white cabinetry and modern finishes, they were able to make everyone happy.


A Curved Porcelain Breakfast Bar

Susan and Troy have a lot on their hands taking care of three kids and three dogs at home. And with so much going on, it was hard for them to find time to focus on renovations and redesigns to make their house functional. Luckily, Drew and Jonathan came in and got to work to help them transform their dream home. The couple wanted something classic, timeless, and welcoming. So going with white kitchen ideas was an obvious choice!


Bright and Bold With Modern Touches

Novella and Terry had a sprawling five-bedroom, five-bathroom home with hardly any structural issues. But there was one major problem: It lacked character. However, this made for quite a dazzling episode, with most of their budget being able to go toward design and decor. Drew and Jonathan turned their blah kitchen into a gorgeous modern space, with an oversized island, bright white cabinetry and countertops, and brand-new appliances.


High-End Features, Low-Life Maintenance

Rina and Nilesh had two little kids, a busy life, and a hardly-functional home. After seven years of trying to figure it out, they knew they needed the Brothers’ help to turn their house into a stylish space that finally fit their needs. Top priority? A high-end kitchen with low-lift maintenance. To that, Drew and Jonathan said, “Game on!” They installed a large quartz waterfall island, custom cabinets, a hideaway space for small kitchen gadgets, and new stainless steel appliances.


Smart and Sophisticated With Storage

After three of her four kids moved out, it was just Debbie and her youngest daughter, Christina. With her household having changed, so did her needs. The Bros completely rehabbed her outdated space, making things shiny and new again, and perfectly poised for frequent family gatherings. A sleek white kitchen complete with tons of storage and sophisticated furnishings made it so the space finally worked for Debbie again.


Updated Finishes and a Full-Tile Wall

As foster parents, James and Crystal raised over 30 children in their house over the years. That’s no small feat! But their lifestyle is changing now. They have grandchildren, and a greater need for storage, space, and style. Inside James and Crystal’s reno, the Bros incorporated a ton of new built-in storage, smart upgrades, and a refreshed kitchen to boot, complete with modern finishes and updated appliances. Finally, this couple has a space that’s adapted to their new life changes.

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