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Bright Future Ahead!: Melody and Chris

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Melody and Chris moved to their current neighborhood to be close to an amazing Deaf and Hard of Hearing school program for their eldest daughter, Arianna. While they loved their new community, their house’s layout was dysfunctional, and they found themselves underutilizing their large living room.

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We revamped the living room, kitchen, dining room, and family room to give Melody, Chris, and their daughters the perfect forever home for their family of four.  

Before & After

Fletcher 60″ Bathroom Vanity
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Image 18 – Rugs
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Image 18 – Rugs
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FHS07E09 Melody Chris

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1 Throughout Recessed Lighting HLB4LED HALO HLB4 LED
2 Throughout Measurements Room Measurement Services EGP Imaging N/A
3 Entry Door Hardware Normandy Sectional Tubular Entry Set Emtek N/A
4 Front Room Coffee Table Bingham Coffee Table Four Hands 223619-002
5 Front Room Trunk Dillon Trunk Four Hands 108758-001
6 Front Room Trunk Duncan Trunk Four Hands 106459-001
7 Front Room Accent Chair Topanga Swivel Chair Four Hands 106008-009
8 Front Room Desk Eaton Modular Desk Four Hands 228243-001
9 Front Room Accent Chair Parsal Dining Chair Four Hands 225869-002
10 Front Room Bookshelf Trula Bookshelf Four Hands IELE-120
Design Highlights
More Storage, More Security

Before, Melody and Chris’ bedroom door was right next to their entryway. We relocated the bedroom’s entrance to give them more security and used the new living room wall for added storage.

A Change in Perspective

Usually, we take down walls to create more space. But since the bathroom was located so close to the dining room, it actually made sense to build an extra hallway to separate the two. With the built-in banquet seating, the family won’t notice they lost a bit of space. Instead, they’ll appreciate not having to hear the toilet flush.

Looking Past Old Problems

Melody and Chris needed more counter space and sightlines in their kitchen. So, we found a way to deliver on both by installing a wraparound peninsula and an interior window. Now they have plenty of room to cook and Arianna can read lips from a distance.

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