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15 Living Room Decorating Ideas That Will Elevate Your Style

best living room decorating ideas
As seen on Forever Home, hosts Drew and Jonathan Scott revel this home to its owners for the first time.

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No matter how big or small your living room is, it’s always an important hub of the home. It’s where you relax, host friends and family, catch up on your favorite books or shows, and gather together from the comfort of your couch. That’s what makes finding living room decorating ideas even more difficult—it can be so much pressure to check every box! But sometimes, all you need in order to get started is some inspiration. That’s where we come in.

Let’s make it a little easier on you by sharing some of our favorite ways to decorate the living room. Drew and Jonathan have overhauled tons of spaces for families over the years, ensuring every last one gets the fun and function they need. (Which means there’s something for pretty much everyone on this list.) Whether you like pops of color or lean more toward neutrals, love the traditional look or embrace all things modern—whatever your style, you’re sure to find inspiration here. Once you have your design style figured out, don’t forget to start shopping for things like throw pillows and coffee tables with storage for maximum space-saving benefits. These are the final finishing touches you need!


Soft and Airy Textiles

Sometimes, you want your living room area to feel easy, breezy, and beautiful. Mixing in lightweight textiles like the sheer curtains we see here can give the room a softness. They disperse light without totally blocking it out, and it makes for a space that doesn’t feel too high-energy. Then, go in with pillows and blankets made of other soft knit materials for added coziness.


Interesting Details

You don’t have to go nuts with a ton of different patterns and colors to get an interesting look! In fact, adding in just one or two standout pieces can really level up your living room. Take this area rug, for example. The room’s neutral palette is modern, but subtle. But throw in a rug with varying textures and a cool pattern, and suddenly the whole room comes to life.


Moody Marble

This gorgeous black marble fireplace gives “statement wall” a whole new meaning! If you’re someone who appreciates the depth of a moody color palette, a dark marble feature could be the perfect thing for you. You don’t have to go so far as refacing your fireplace (unless you want to!) but you can incorporate a black marble or slate coffee table or side table, or even put up a dark wallpaper for a sprinkle of personality.


Layer In Art

As long as you have walls, you need art! Not only does wall art elevate your room, but it also brings that unique personal touch to your space. Layering in art—with a gallery wall or by stacking art along your shelves like we see here—is a great way to display fun prints, show off your interests, or simply just complement your room’s color scheme.


Pattern Play

Mixing playful patterns is such a fun way to make your living room interesting. The trick is to have one grounding color (like the neutrals we see here in the couch, coffee table, and curtains), and to layer in patterns that have complementary colors, so that the patterns pop but there’s still something drawing them back to one another.


Striking Contrast

A high-contrast living room will really make your space pop, especially when we see it done with colors like black and white like Drew did here on Brother Vs. Brother. Using contrasting colors as the base of the room’s design scheme brings that dramatic, chic look to the space. To soften the room, he wove in soft, gentle fabrics and textures that made the space still feel welcoming.


Colorful Maximalist

Sometimes more is more! If you’re working on your own maximalist space, then take a good look at this living room that’s chock-full of pattern and color. You’ll notice it feels busy without being too overwhelming due to the consistency in colors and patterns. The corals, blues, and yellows repeat as well as the diamond designs, making it appear thoughtful instead of scattered.


Cozy, Comfy

If your family loves a good TV or movie night, then you should double down on a big, comfy couch. That also means you’re likely going for a cozy vibe overall, which this living room pulls off in spades. Copy the look with tons of pillows, blankets, and even soft pieces like ottomans. Warning: You may never want to leave!


Balanced and Beautiful

This is a sort of Goldilocks moment: It’s not overly maximalist, but it’s not minimalist, either. The rug brings in pattern, while a colored sofa also keeps things interesting. But classic wood tables, simple throw pillows, white curtains, and black-framed photos ensure it doesn’t go too overboard.


Open Floor Flow

Tons of homes have open floor plans, which can make decorating difficult. While the adjoined spaces don’t have to match perfectly, you can create a feeling of consistency by choosing certain items within the same color scheme or fabric. Here, for example, the sofa and dining chairs are both a gray fabric and the rugs are neutral. It helps everything flow together nicely.


Sweet Seats

Who says a small living room can’t capitalize on furniture? If you’re big on entertaining, consider choosing a smaller couch and coffee table to make room for a variety of cozy accent chairs. It’ll help you up your seating options without making it feel crowded.


Classic and Elegant

Fans of traditional decor with a twist can find tons of inspiration in this living room. The built-ins offer great storage opportunities and a chance to show off books and other items. We love that a piece of soothing artwork takes center stage, too, versus the usual TV. The whole thing comes together by mixing furniture, curtains, and an area rug with complimentary neutral colors.


Sunshiny Day

This living room is a perfect example of mixing in color with neutrals. The foundation of the space is black, grays, and some navy blue. But Drew and Jonathan wove in bursts of yellow with the pillows, blankets, and even table accessories for added interest. The best part about this method is if you get sick of the yellow, you can swap it for a different shade without hardly any fuss.


Midcentury Modern

A statement wall can be a really fun addition to a modern living room. This goes half-and-half with wood paneling and a stone finish. The olive tones in the pillows and couch as well as the black metal accents make it ultra-chic.


Book Nook

Another idea for sneaky seating and storage? A living room nook! Of course, this is super functional because you can put linens, extra pillows, or other items out of sight under the seat. But you can also use it as an opportunity for a design moment if you hang a large art print above it, too. Styling your bookshelf with books and collected objects you love is an easy way to take it up a notch.

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