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Property Brothers Forever Home

We’re on a mission to help couples transform their houses into forever homes where they can put down roots and happily spend their lives. But first, they need us to unlock the full potential of their house and renovate it into the home of their dreams.

Season 7

Property Brothers Forever Home: Emillie & Bill

This quirky house needed a major overhaul for Emillie, Bill, and their growing family.

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Property Brothers Forever Home: Dan & Brianne

See how we tackled the living, dining, and kitchen spaces.

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Property Brothers Forever Home: Paul & Jennifer

This family loves to have fun, just like us.

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Property Brothers Forever Home: John & Lynn

We helped John and Lynn find their perfect design compromise.

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Season 6

Sarah & John

Sarah bought her 90s builder-grade home when she was...

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Krista & Derek

As Krista and Derek began to have kids, they...

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Meghan & Chris

After moving 14 times in the last 15 years,...

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Lisa & John

Lisa and John are the type of folks who...

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Season 5

Michele & Brian

Michele and Brian are combining their design styles in...

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Allie & Ben

Allie and Ben’s home has been in her family...

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Janet & Kristopher

Janet and Kristopher moved closer to family while thinking...

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A’amna and Ibrahim

A’amna and Ibrahim are an adorable newlywed couple who...

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Season 4

Jill & Jim

Jill and Jim moved into their suburban Las Vegas...

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Katie & Jason

Katie and Jason moved into their Las Vegas home...

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Holly & Cory

Holly and Cory moved into their Las Vegas ranch-style...

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Marcie & Alyssa

Marcie is an Air Force veteran, cancer survivor and...

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Season 3

Nicole & Graeme

Nicole’s grandfather built their home in the 1950s. The...

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Keri & Andrew

Keri and Andrew found the perfect home for their...

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Alison & Greg

Alison and Greg have lived in their Forever Home...

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Waylon & Adam

After living in small city condos, comic enthusiasts Adam...

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Season 2

Kirsti & Jeff

When Kirsti and Jeff moved into their forever home...

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Leah & Jason

Leah and Jason’s forever home took almost that long...

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Michelle & Brian

Michelle and Brian’s forever home has been in their...

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Valerie & David

Valerie and David love their 100-year-old house, but it’s...

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Season 1

Jennifer & Agostino

Jennifer and Agostino’s beloved family home has seen a...

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Kate & Gavin

When Kate and Gavin first bought their home 10...

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Erika & Benjamin

When Erika and Ben bought their six-bedroom home five...

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JD & Annalee

Cue the warm and fuzzies—it was a Scott family...

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