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Property Brothers Forever Home

We’re on a mission to help couples transform their houses into forever homes where they can put down roots and happily spend their lives. But first, they need us to unlock the full potential of their house and renovate it into the home of their dreams.

Season 7

Property Brothers Forever Home: Brian & Lily

The happiest family member now? Their dog, Moose!

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Property Brothers Forever Home: Bruce & Larry

This house held amazing memories, so we gave it the makeover it deserved.

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New Generation New Design: Jericka and Matthew

It was game on for this renovation.

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Bright Future Ahead!: Melody and Chris

This family of four finally got their forever home.

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Season 6

Ashley & Red

Before, the entryway stairs were both steep and tight,...

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Renee & Audrey

Renee loves hosting family and friends, so it was...

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Amanda & Jeff

Jeff’s a big guy like us, so we were...

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Karen & Mark

Karen and Mark’s new kitchen was going to be...

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Season 5

Tammy & Dimiter

Tammy and Dimiter’s dream came true when an L.A....

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Fanny & Cooper

Fate brought Fanny and Cooper together: They were born...

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Florence & Humberto

Florence and Humberto have loved living in their L.A....

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Josefina & Family

Family is everything to professional musician Josefina, and her...

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Season 4

Misti & Steve

Misti and Steve needed to find room to raise...

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Charisma & Eric

Charisma and Eric moved to Las Vegas three years...

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Ashley & Mike

Mike and Ashley were high school sweethearts, so when...

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Sarah & Todd

Sarah and Todd’s nine-year old home has taken a...

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Season 3

Colette & Mark

Ten years ago, Mark and Colette fell in love...

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Sam & Jeremy

Sam and Jeremy’s Forever Home is in the neighborhood...

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Binh & Ramon

Binh and Ramon have spent the past 18 years...

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Freda & Eric

Freda and Eric bought their first home six years...

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Season 2

Sally & David

Sally, David and their two teenage sons are into...

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Irina & Dean

Irina and Dean’s home is a special place, and...

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Tanya & Sean

Tanya and Sean are high school sweethearts whose home...

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Amy & Kate

Amy and Kate fell in love with a vintage...

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Season 1

Ren & Scott

After renovating a string of cookie-cutter-style homes in order to give...

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Becky & Michael

Becky and Michael wanted to modernize their Las Vegas...

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Brian & Meghan

Brian and Meghan’s sprawling Las Vegas property is a...

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James & Crystal

It’s no surprise that James and Crystal want to...

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