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Inside The Design(s): May 13 HGTV Marathon

Wednesday afternoons are for pick-me-ups and Property Brothers: Forever Home marathons, so tune in now to HGTV, check out more of those great designs here, and then watch a brand-new Forever Home at 9|8c.

Family Home Refresh (S1, E13)

Rina and Nilesh have cherished their Toronto home ever since buying it as a young couple in love. Seven years later, they’re still young and in love, but now they have two kids and no storage! 

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Changing It Up For Teenagers (S1, E14)

Tamara bought a home in her childhood neighborhood nearly two years ago, so her two teenagers could enjoy being close to Tamara’s parents and the ample park next door. As it turned out, the kids were over at Grandma and Grandpa’s house all the time, because Tamara’s house couldn’t accommodate their friends in a fun, easy way.

Come On Over (S2, E11)

Steph and Chris love their neighborhood. They’ve lived in their home for 15 years, during which they’ve added two kids to the mix. They can’t imagine leaving their tight-knit community, so they were looking to make their space more flexible for everyone else.


Hand-me-down Forever Home (S2, E7)

Michelle and Brian’s forever home has been in their family for 20 years: 10 years with Michelle’s mom, and now 10 years with Michelle and Brian, who added twins to the happy family. 

Rescued Into a Forever Home (S2, E6)

Valerie and David love their 100-year-old house, but it’s having trouble keeping up with two kids, a beloved family dog and a new puppy about to arrive.

Big House, Awkward Layout (Season 1, Episode 8)

When Erika and Ben bought their six-bedroom home five years ago, people thought they were crazy. They only had one child—that was way too much space! But the couple knew that they’d found their dream home in the ideal neighborhood and didn’t want to pass it up. 

Family Friends (S1, E6)

Brian and Meghan’s sprawling Las Vegas property is a good example of a tough life lesson: Even the nicest homes can have design flaws.

JD and Annalee (S1, E7)

Cue the warm and fuzzies—it was a Scott family reunion on this week’s episode of Forever Home! Our big brother JD and his fiancĂ©e, Annalee, tasked us with transforming JD’s Vegas man cave into a functional place to plant their roots. 

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