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30 Best Photos of Drew and Jonathan Throughout the Years

drew and jonathan scott family photo

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If there’s one thing we know, it’s that Drew and Jonathan Scott have quite the collection of silly, goofy, and outright adorable home photos from throughout the years! Given that they had such a fun and adventurous childhood, it’s no surprise that the Bros have amounted a ton of incredible pics since the time they were toddlers. And of course, there are also so many memories that have been made since then, too. So to celebrate Bro Day aka their birthdays, we’re looking back at all those great times.

From when they were kids celebrating Christmastime with the family, to the Bros’ journey and career as home renovators, to Drew and Jonathan becoming fathers—we’ve gathered all their most memorable moments that have been captured. (We also included some top-secret pics of their stint as party clowns and professional magicians—yeah, you read that right.) Get ready for some serious entertainment, and a surprising amount of bagpipes.


Baby Bros

Were these two not the cutest little tots? The 2-year-old twins rocked those ice cream mustaches.


The Bros’ 4th Birthday

Can you tell who’s who here? Neither can we! Just kidding—of course Drew’s on the right and Jonathan’s on the left. Wait, no, it’s Drew on the left and Jonathan on the right! Um…


The Trio on Halloween

The Bros have always loved Halloween! We’d say this pic foreshadowed the brothers’ career paths, but unfortunately, J.D. never got the job as Spider-Man (at least, we don’t think he did…) However, Drew and Jonathan did end up as clowns for a period of time.


A Sunny Day in 1983

drew and jonathan scott in baseball caps as children

The “awww” factor is real in this pic! The little 5-year-old Bros are repping their home country of Canada here with their oversized baseball caps.


Little Cowboys

drew and jonathan on horseback as kids

Because Drew and Jonathan grew up on a ranch, they’ve always loved everything outdoorsy. And that includes riding horses! Drew and Jonathan were only 5 years old here.


#Twinning in Striped Sweaters

drew and jonathan scott, 6 years old

There’s something about twins in matching sweaters that’s just the cutest! And Drew’s missing front teeth are just the cherry on top of an adorable Bro pic.


1985’s Family Christmas Portrait

scott family christmas

The Scott family loves the holidays, and they definitely know how to host a good party! Drew, Jonathan, and J.D. pose with their father, Jim, and mother, Joanne, as well as their family pup,


Just Clownin’ Around

drew and jonathan scott dressed as clowns in childhood

Introducing your new favorite clowns, Curly (Drew, left) and Dimples (Jonathan, right). And no, this wasn’t on Halloween! That’s right, their entertaining nature goes way back. The Bros even got hired as apprentice clowns for some time.


Karate Kiddos

drew and jonathan scott doing karate as kids

Drew and Jonathan Scott: Karate masters! No, seriously—the Bros are actually really good at the sport. Drew and Jonathan both hold a second-degree black belt in JKA Shotokan Karate.


Bagpipe Stars

drew and jonathan scott playing bagpipes as teens

Drew and Jonathan are very proud of their Scottish heritage. Here, we see teenage Drew (right) and Jonathan (left) show off their bagpipe skills at their family home. Drew’s sweater screams ’90s chic and we gotta say, we’re big fans!


Jonathan Shows Off His Card Tricks

jonathan scott magic cards

Of course, we all know how impressive Jonathan is as an illusionist. But he actually started at a very young age! In fact, he’s professionally practiced illusions from childhood to now.


High School Grads

Cheers to the class of ’96—and to the start of the Bros’ real estate journey! At 18 years old, Drew and Jonathan had actually just began their careers in home improvement. They researched how to buy a house without much cash, and through finding out more about mortgages and vendor financing, bought their first place for $200,000 with just $250 down. The rest is history!


2001: A Family Wedding

drew and jonathan scott family photo

Drew and Jonathan were totally burning up the dance floor at their best friend, Pedro’s, wedding! What song do you think they were grooving to here?


Drew Playing the Guitar

Did you know Drew is actually great at the guitar? He’s been playing since he was a kid, and in fact, he still plays to this day! Check out this heartfelt song he wrote for Linda a few years ago. We’d be lying if we said we didn’t shed a tear!


Jonathan’s Ready for His Close-Up

Can you even believe this hair?! Jonathan was all about his luscious locks. (And can we talk about this modelesque pose?)


The Trifecta!

Jonathan (left) and Drew (center) pose with their older brother, J.D. (right) for a group pic. Such a sweet brother moment!


Drew Or Hollister Model?

Drew strikes a pose for his close-up! (Just kidding…but the pic is definitely making us think of those old Hollister ads.)


The 2012 London Olympics

The Bros try their best to avoid distracting the King’s guard during the 2012 London Olympics. Do you think the guard stopped for a pic?


Property Brothers Season 1 Throwback

Throwback to the moment it all started for Drew and Jonathan on HGTV! Do you remember when Jonathan was rocking his frosted tips?


A Spook-tacular Halloween Bash

jonathan and drew scott on halloween 2016

At the 2016 All Star Halloween Spectacular, of course Drew and Jonathan did not disappoint! Jonathan dressed up as a ventriloquist doll while Drew dressed as a deceased bellhop.


Drew Showing Off His Basketball Moves

On the set of Property Brothers, Drew showed off his basketball skills in a sports-inspired kids’ room. He grew up playing the sport, and dare we say, has gotten even better since then!


Home, Home on the Ranch

Here’s a sweet pic of the Scott family celebrating the reveal of “Scotty’s Cabin” in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The interior was renovated top to bottom, complete with new floors, furniture, and appliances, as seen on Property Brothers at Home on the Ranch (you can watch the throwback episode here on MAX!).


Jonathan’s Close Friend, R2D2

While filming season 6 of Brother Vs. Brother, the Bros got to tour the legendary Lucasfilm Studio in California. There, Jonathan was able to snap a pic with one of his favorite characters from Star Wars, R2D2!


On-Site With Habitat for Humanity

In 2021, Habitat for Humanity humanitarians Drew and Jonathan teamed up with Habitat Los Angeles to help build homes in the Washington neighborhood in Long Beach. The Bros have always loved giving back to the community.


Behind-the-Scenes on The Today Show

While behind the scenes of The Today Show in 2019, Drew and Jonathan pose next to some soapbox race cars. They were there to talk about their children’s book, Builder Brothers: Better Together, which is all about building a soapbox derby race. So the guys built their very own that day, and held Hoda Kotb and Craig Melvin to a race right on the plaza!


Life-Size Lookalikes

Drew and Jonathan posed next to their life-size puppet counterparts here to celebrate the launch of Builder Brothers: Better Together, at Wilchester Elementary in Houston, Texas. The twins even read to the school kids that day. How sweet!


Drew and Linda at Disneyland

Is this not the cutest photo you’ve ever seen? Drew and Linda rode the Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride at Disneyland, and of course, loved every minute of it!


Jonathan and Zooey on Halloween

Aww, look at these two lovebirds! Jonathan and Zooey dressed as Dr. Strange and a fairytale princess for Halloween in 2022, and looked fabulous.


Walking the Red Carpet

At the 2023 Los Angeles Builders Ball, Drew and Jonathan were photographed on the carpet together dressed to impress. Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles raised a whopping $925,000 that year!


Drew, Linda, Jonathan, and Zooey at a Gala

At the Paul Mitchell Baby2Baby Gala, Jonathan, Zooey, Drew, and Linda snapped a snazzy pic together. We definitely would have voted for these four as best dressed of the night!

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