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Drew and Jonathan Show How Solar Power Is Keeping The Future Bright

Happy Earth Month! In honor of the place we all call home, we’re showing how easy and important it is to harness the power of our most incredible energy source: the sun! Check out these resources we’ve come up with to learn more about the importance of solar energy in our every day lives:

Jonathan Scott’s Power Trip

We have been working for years on informing Americans about where their energy comes from. One result of that work: Jonathan Scott’s Power Trip, Jonathan’s documentary that took him across the country and into the halls of Congress to show how powerful utility companies are blocking everyday Americans’ access to cheaper, cleaner energy. You can stream Power Trip for free right now on Tubi, Peacock, Vudu, and on a variety of additional streaming options. Check out more at powertriptruth.com.

Brother Vs. Brother Solar Showdowns

We’ve put solar panels on a variety of our renovations, including a couple of our awesome outdoor Brother Vs. Brother finales! Check out how we placed solar panels on our recent renovations in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

How Solar Power Will Change Our World

Ready to take the plunge for your own home? Check out what Jonathan and solar experts have to say in Drew + Jonathan Reveal magazine about to make it all worth it, and for less than you might think.

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