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Watch Drew and Jonathan React to the First-Ever Episode They Filmed of Property Brothers

Drew and Jonathan have been hosting HGTV shows for over a decade and a lot has changed since they started filming Property Brothers. They’re both dads now, they live in California, Drew has perfected his haircut…(you’ll see what we mean about that in a minute.) But some things have stayed the same, like Jonathan’s dedication to plaid and how much they love renovating homes for families.

To celebrate how far Drew and Jonathan have come (and because it’s their birthday on April 28!), they’ve decided to look back at the first-ever episode that they filmed of Property Brothers. And wow, what a wild ride it is! Let’s start with Drew’s “helmet” hair, which the Brothers claim is the reason this episode was actually sixth to air even though they filmed it first. There’s also a third host who helped narrate the show and plenty of scripted moments that Drew and Jonathan can laugh at now.

In addition to their real-time reactions, Drew and Jonathan are sharing fun behind-the-scenes secrets, too. Like how they had to ask Canadian homeowners to say “home” instead of “house” because of their accents and how they had to suck on ice cubes to get rid of foggy breath when filming in the freezing weather.

Even though Drew and Jonathan are laughing at their fashion and decor choices now, there’s no arguing that this pilot is legendary! As we know, it was just the first of many dream homes they’d help create for families and would be the launching point for series like Brother Vs. Brother, Celebrity IOU, and more. In other words, Jonathan’s frosted tips didn’t stop them from catapulting to success.

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