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15 Closet Organization Ideas That’ll Change the Game

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Corralling the closet can be a big project. It’s home to many different items you use every day, so it’s important to have the best closet organization ideas at your fingertips. Those include expert decluttering tips as well as storage options and customizable systems that suit your specific lifestyle. For example, maybe you have a ton of shoes you can’t seem to find a place for, or you find that your ties or scarves are always getting lost in the mix. Maybe you just need a way to quickly see all of your pants so you can grab a pair and head out the door.

That’s where this list comes in—these products can help you tackle the closet’s biggest battles. Whether you need small closet organizing ideas or are working within a larger space, these organizers will help cut back the chaos and get you on your way.


Lynk Vela Shelf Dividers



Shelf dividers are a game-changer for closet organization. If you have a long shelf installed, you can use them to section off areas for purses, tops, pants, etc. so they all don’t run into each other and become a jumbled mess.


Scott Living Robin Wardrobe Closet



One idea for increasing storage is to purchase a new unit. This wardrobe has a home for hanging clothes, shoes, and accessories, plus two drawers. And because it looks so sleek, it’ll fit in with your existing closet or bedroom with ease.


Criusia Drawer Dividers



Let’s not forget about the chaos that happens inside closet drawers. These organizers let you separate your intimates, socks, ties, and more so you’re not constantly sifting through a stack of all these little items.


Moralve Pants Hangers



If you like to hang your pants in the closet, it may make sense to pick up a few of these tiered hangers. They use less space overall, and you can even take it one step further and organize each hanger by type of pant.


Scott Living Higgins Mobile Closet System



Anyone who has a smaller closet may need to get creative with additional organization options. A rolling system can be a smart choice, as it gives you options to rearrange where it lives or even hide it away at a moment’s notice.


Fab Totes Clothes Storage Bags



It can be hard to know what clothes you have for the current season when everything is mixed in together. Consider storing your off-season items in stackable bins that you can store either on your shelves or elsewhere in the home. These have clear windows, which is great for when you need to locate something quickly.


She Spring Shoe Storage Boxes



Few things are more unruly to store than shoes. They’re all different shapes and sizes and can’t really be stacked, so oftentimes they end up covering the closet floor. These clear boxes make it easy to spot every pair, and they keep your collection looking impressive.


Utopia Home Premium Velvet Hangers



They don’t necessarily have to be velvet, but having the same type of hanger in your closet can go a long way in making the whole space feel more streamlined. You’ll be surprised at the difference!


Era Accents Closet Dividers



You could also organize your hanging clothes by type. You can write on these colorful dividers so you know where one section ends and another begins.


Decomomo Storage Bins



There will always be a leftover pile of stuff you just don’t know what to do with. That’s where fabric bins come in handy—they can house those extras and still not take away from the clean and decluttered look.


Greenco Corner Shelf Unit



Don’t underestimate a good corner! In a closet, you could use this shelf to house oddly shaped items like hats, special shoes you may want to display, the fabric bins mentioned earlier, and more.


Elong Belt Hanger



Belts, ties, and scarves are difficult to corral. This hanger calms the chaos and helps you see what you have so you can grab your accessory and go.

Simple Trending Garment Rack



A garment rack can be a very helpful way to organize your daily routine. Instead of sifting through everything you own in the mornings, you can lay out outfits ahead of time. (This is great for kids, too!) If you live in a smaller space, racks can house bulky items like coats or sweatshirts.


Greenstell Laundry Hamper



You need a place for your dirty clothes besides the floor. Upgrade your hamper to one that not only looks nice but even has two sections so you can separate your clothes either by person or type.


Modern JP Adhesive Hat Hooks



Hats! What to do with all the hats. Consider using the wall as a storage opportunity and a chance to show off the favorites of the bunch. In a kids’ room, this could even double as fun wall art.

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