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10 Kids’ Room Wallpaper Ideas for the Sweetest Little Dreams

WallpaperPeakShop Hot Air Balloon Kids Wallpaper

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Of all the rooms to design in your home, children’s spaces are among the most fun. There’s a freedom that comes with dressing up a kids’ bedroom or nursery, where color, imagination, and play reign supreme. While there are many ways to make their contagious energy come to life, one of the easiest is by incorporating imaginative kids’ room wallpaper.

When it comes to decorating your littles’ spaces, you can never have enough pattern. That’s why so many of the best kids’ room wallpaper ideas rely on playful prints, vibrant colors, and whimsical themes to create the most beautiful backdrop for childhood magic. To help upgrade your mini’s bedroom (or just make your own inner child smile), you’ll want to check out these wallpaper ideas. From fairytale-inspired scenes to dinosaur toile that even adults will love (really!), these designs bottle the innocence and enchantment of a childhood well-lived. 


Wall Blush Ponderosa Wallpaper

Wall Blush


This dreamy pink watercolor wallpaper features whimsical herons. It’s not only beautiful, but also transitional as the kiddos grow. This print is the perfect combination of tranquil and modern, not to mention artfully crafted. It’s available as a peel and stick and traditional paste, and both are washable, steam-resistant, and usable on textured walls.


Three Posts Baby & Kids Ericka Animal Print Wallpaper



Woodland creatures are a common choice for a child’s nursery, and for good reason. The subject matter has a fairytale-like effect that melds so well with an enchanting little baby space. This pre-pasted paper comes in a selection of soothing, soft shades featuring a folklore-inspired forest print that’s sweet and timeless.


WallpaperPeakShop Hot Air Balloon Mural Wallpaper



Peel and stick wallpaper is a great option for parents who rent their abode or anticipate changing the design of their child’s room as they grow. This mural will encourage little ones to dream big and reach for the sky, while elegant illustrations depicting animals in vintage hot air balloons ride high in the clouds.


Timeet Hearts Peel and Stick Wallpaper



All kids go through a phase where drawing on walls and making their space their own is an enticing option. The good news? You can tamper at least a bit of that artistic instinct by hanging this handdrawn wallpaper in your pre-teen’s room. Available in three hues (black, green, and gray), it touts a playful, edgy appeal.


Scott Living Trousdale Wallpaper

A-Street Prints


When you’re a kid, every day is a vacation (if only the same could be said of adulthood…). So it makes sense to design your kiddo a bedroom that bottles that relaxed, beachy vibe! This graphic paper from Scott Living features the likeness of palm fronds in a feminine, sorbet-inspired color palette that they’ll love for years to come.


Wallpaperie Catching Fireflies Peel and Stick Wallpaper



We all have memorable childhood moments that stick with us. For many, catching fireflies on a warm summer evening is chief among them. Mimic that especially enchanting activity for a new generation with this kids’ peel and stick wallpaper. It features an inky blue background, Mason jars, and swirls of fireflies that appear to be glowing with illumination. For an added dose of magic, string their room with fairy lights to model that summertime glow.


York Wallcoverings Deep Sea Toile Spray and Stick Wallpaper



Pint-sized pirates will go totally overboard for this oceanic wallpaper. It’s a particularly cheeky twist on a traditional toile print, trading pastoral scenes for sea creatures, ships, and seashells. Bonus: The two colorways (black and cream and navy and cream) are just grown-up enough that they’ll stay a long-term family favorite.


Scott Living Marilyn Wallpaper

A-Street Prints


When it comes to creating a magical space for a special little lady, you simply can’t go wrong with a colorful floral print. This design from Scott Living is anchored in a sophisticated emerald green—a dramatic and elegant backdrop for paisley-inspired blooms. For younger ones, this print pairs great with sweet shades of bubblegum pink, while older kids can go with grown-up shades of ochre or rust.


ArtsyMakers Travel Around the World Peel and Stick Wallpaper



Many parents wish they could bottle up their child’s school drawings and artwork. With this wallpaper mural, you sort of can! The child-inspired illustration looks like something specifically plucked right out of a little one’s imagination. With saturated colors and storybook characters, this wallpaper looks like something you’d find in their favorite bedtime story.


Spoonflower Hand-Drawn Dinosaur Peel and Stick Wallpaper



There’s something for every little boy or girl to love in this cheeky toile print wallpaper, from castles, cranes, and cars to dinos, dirt bikes, and dragons. The illustrations combine line drawings with punchy hues, giving you plenty of options when it comes to colors to pull into your overall palette. 

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