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14 Garage Storage Ideas to Control the Clutter

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When it comes to keeping your home neat and tidy, garage storage ideas aren’t always the first priority. You may feel like focusing more on bedroom organization or getting the kitchen cabinets under control, as that’s what you and your guests see most often. And since most folks are less likely to peek in the garage, it’s easy to turn the space into a dumping ground. But that stops now!

Arm yourself with these clever garage organizers and that cluttered mess of sports equipment, holiday decorations, bikes, tools, and whatever else you’re hiding will become a thing of streamlined beauty. The first step is to take stock of what’s getting in the way, then you can find the perfect garage storage solution to fix the problem. That may mean standalone cabinets, corner organizers, hooks, hangers, or bins—any of which are easy to install in a weekend and will make a huge difference. So let’s finally check this chore off your to-do list!


Scott Living Cahill Garage Storage Cabinet



If you have a lot of tools and other items you use frequently, it may be worth it to get a garage storage cabinet or tool cart. This one has wheels, which is super convenient, and it’s moisture and rust resistant.


Baggott Sports Rack



Have an active, athletic family? Keep the balls, bats, yoga mats, and other equipment in one spot with this handy organizer. It has baskets, shelves, compartments, and hooks, which will give you plenty of options for how and what you store. Reviewers also praise it for being sturdy and easy to assemble.


53-Quart Stackable Plastic Storage Bins with Lids



Ah yes, the organizational superheroes: storage bins! These are great for housing seasonal clothes, holiday decorations, and other supplies. And because they’re clear, you can easily spot what’s inside instead of having to open each one individually.


WellMall Garage Organization and Drill Storage



Power tools are pretty oddly shaped. Keep them from stacking up haphazardly on your workbench with an organizer like this one. It can withstand a lot of weight and comes in a pack of two.


Metal Pegboard Organizer



Pegboard organizers are a classic in the garage, as they provide customizable ways to house tools and other essentials. This option comes in a ton of fun colors and has over 3,500 5-star ratings.


Fleximounts 4Ă—8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack



If you’re looking for a bit of extra space, don’t give up—look up! An overhead rack can protect delicate items from potential damage and free up your floor space.


Iron Horse Shelving Unit



A good set of garage shelves is essential to keeping the peace . This open steel frame allows easy access to each level and can handle heavy objects, too. (Up to 2,300 pounds!)


All Metal Garden Tool Organizer



There’s nothing worse than needing a particular screwdriver and knowing you have one somewhere in your garage. A rack like this gives you a central location where you can store every tool you’ll possibly need.


Scott Living Keoki Garage Storage Cabinet



A cabinet with adjustable shelves comes in handy much more often than you’d think. Whether you need to tuck away some surprise birthday presents or a new set of power tools, you can shift things around to suit your current needs.


Extension Cord Organizer



Raise your hand if you’ve ever tripped over your extension cord. (*Raises hand.*) This tool keeps your cords safe and secure and stops them from becoming a tangled mess.


Rubbermaid Garage Corner Tool Tower Rack



Another way you can save space is by taking advantage of any empty corners. You’ll have fewer dust bunnies to worry about and a neat spot where you can store brooms and racks.


Remiawy Garage Hooks



Once you realize how many things you can hang on your garage wall, it can be easy to get “hooked” on the feeling. This set is sturdy enough to hold ladders, lawn trimmers, and so much more!


Iris Storage Cabinet



The garage is probably the worst place to go fishing for missing bits and bobs, especially if they’re the sharp kind. Give smaller items like screws and nails a special spot tailored to match their size.


Bike Hanger



Too many bikes in one garage can turn the space into a maze, but nobody wants to be the one left storing theirs outside. Save yourself the hassle by hanging them overhead instead.

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