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10 Best Over-the-Door Organizers to Make Use of That Space

best over the door organizers

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No matter how much you want to embrace minimalism, sometimes you just have to admit, well, you’ve simply got a lot of stuff. But here’s something to consider: It’s actually easier to see and use what you already own if you’re keeping your home as tidy as can be. And one of the best ways to keep hard-to-organize spaces like the kitchen, the bathroom, or the closet streamlined is to make those spaces uncluttered. Of course, there are plenty of useful bins, drawer storage, and cabinet organizers that can hold items, too. But how many times have you reached for all of those hidden products that get lost in behind them? We have a solution for you, with the best over-the-door organizers.

Because they’re front-and-center when you open the door to a room or a closet, you’ll never have to go hand-searching for those cleaning supplies that have fallen into the back of the closet again. Over-the-door organizers can accommodate things like shoes, linens, bathroom cleaners, or even spices and canned goods. They’re great for guest bathrooms to keep towels organized, or make soaps or toiletries easy to grab. Plus, they can also be useful in closets or pantries to keep pet supplies, umbrellas, and other random items in order. Because there are so many options out there, we’ve scoured the internet to help your search so you can make the best choice for your specific needs.


Best for Linen Closet

Elfa Utility Large Mesh Over the Door Rack

The Container Store


This Elfa organizer is perfect for a linen closet, or wherever you keep miscellaneous household products like cleaning sprays, laundry detergents, sponges, and towels. It comes with one over-the-door rack as well as six mesh baskets that you can customize. Because you can move the baskets around, it’s great for lots of different bulk items. Plus, the baskets are also fairly spacious, and the whole thing is made of durable coated steel.


Best for Closets

Over the Door Hanging Organizer

West Elm


Perfect for small spaces like dorms or apartments, this canvas over-the-door organizer holds everything from shoes to accessories and everything in-between. Not only will it accommodate up to eight pairs of shoes, but it also has three other compartments for things like belts, hats, or purses. It’s a great option to keep stuffed closets organized, with odds and ends easy to find with its spacious pockets. The neutral, minimalist appearance will also appeal to all sorts of décor styles, too.


Best Hook Organizer

Over The Door Multi-Use Organizer



A classic organizer with hooks is perfect for all sorts of items like hats, coats, shirts, umbrellas, and purses. This organizer by Umbra has 14 snag-free hooks with an aesthetically appealing powder-coated steel-and-wood design. It would be great for either a living room or a bedroom. Get creative and display necklaces on it, organize scarves, or keep baby toys or pet accessories close by.


Best for Pantry

Adjustable Steel Over The Door Organizer



Another customizable option, this smart organizer has six extra-wide storage shelves, and you can extend it over 63 inches. The tiered shelves are sturdy enough to handle all sorts of baking supplies, canned goods, heavy jars, and snacks. It’ll help keep everything visible and within reach, not only helping you stay organized but also helping you avoid food waste. You can remove the baskets and move them around depending on your needs.


Best for Spices

Over the Door Spice Rack Organizer



For the cooking fanatic, this mesh wire rack organizer has six separate shelves. Each can hold up to 72 8-ounce spice jars. However, three of the shelves are slightly larger to accommodate the occasional hot sauces, bulk-sized spices, or even dried goods or oils. The whole organizer is made of rust-proof, powder-coated steel.


Best for Shoes

Over the Door 36-Pair Shoe Organizer



Shoe organizers can be a real hit or miss. Sometimes, they can’t fit larger boots or heels, making them less-than-ideal for the average person. However, this organizer from Whitmor checks all the boxes by accommodating all types of shoes. And it fits a whopping 36 pairs, too. It also has a mesh backing that prevents shoes from falling out or scuffing the door. Plus, the sturdy metal and resin frame is quick to install.


Best for Coats

iDesign Steel Over the Door 5-Hook Coat Rack



Great for coats and jackets, an over-the-door rack with simple hooks is a classic design that’s perfect for bedrooms, offices, or hallway closets. This option from iDesign has five double hooks, so there are actually 10 spots to hang coats without taking up an enormous amount of space (and it’ll be great to maximize smaller closets, too). It’s made of durable steel, and can also accommodate accessories or hats.


Best Option Under $20

Clear Over The Door Clear Hanging Pantry Organizer



This affordable option from SimpleHouseware is actually a two-pack with 15 clear pockets each, so you can store one in the pantry and the other in a laundry room, craft room, or kid’s room. Each pocket is small enough to make quick work of finding things, which means it’s especially great for all of those items that just get buried in various drawers. The organizers are also lightweight, weighing less than 2 pounds each.


Best for Bathroom

Over The Door Hanger with Coat Hooks and Mesh Baskets



Hooks are a necessity for any over-the-door bathroom organizer for things like towels or loofahs. (And this one has five of them.) But the addition of two mesh baskets makes this organizer really stand out. Perfect for small bathrooms, it can be used to store a few extra bottles of skincare, some soaps, or other toiletries. Or, you can go the decorative route and line the baskets with a nice candle or small plants to add a calm ambience to a room. It also has four PVC pads on the back to prevent noise when closing and opening the door.


Best for Towels

Franklin Brass Over-the-Door Towel Rack



This towel rack is great for a guest bathroom, primary bathroom, or even laundry room, as it has two hooks and three towel bars to allow airflow. The bars will prevent mold and mildew from accumulating, and will also help towels to dry quickly. It’s a great choice for families, since it will accommodate a number of towels at once. The organizer comes in two different finishes: matte nickel and rich bronze.

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