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What to Know About the Best Closet Storage Systems

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Picture this: You wake up, brush your teeth, and head to your closet to decide what to wear. But as soon as you see it, you’re overwhelmed by the chaos. Where are those pants you had in mind? Why are the belts on the floor? Why can you only find one shoe? If that sounds familiar, it may be time for an upgrade with help from the best closet storage systems.

Closet organization options, like those found in our new Scott Living line, can really corral the clutter. That way, you can spend more time sipping coffee and less time falling down the sweater rabbit hole. It’s not always easy to know what you need, though, and there are a lot of items out there, from storage cabinets to shoe bins. Here, we’re tackling a few frequently asked questions so you can find the solution that works for you. After all, the dream is to have every inch of the bedroom organized!

Are closet storage systems worth it?

Absolutely! A closet system can make a huge difference. Start by thinking about the size you’re working with: Bigger or new spaces may benefit from a larger component, like this Scott Living system that has drawers, rods, shelves, and shoe storage. But if you have a smaller square footage, a smartly placed shelf or a standalone cabinet may do the trick.

How do I add to an existing closet?

There’s lots you can do to beef up an existing closet. Consider your biggest pain points and then make changes from there to address them. For example, if your rods are stuffed to the brim, try using pants hangers or installing another rod beneath the original to maximize space. (This one holds up to 20 pounds!) Or maybe you don’t have a great place for everyday items like athleticwear or T-shirts—a shelving unit may be the perfect answer for that. Feel free to think outside the closet, too—a cabinet like this would add extra storage without sacrificing any style if you assembled it in your bedroom.

On that note, what can I do if I have a small bedroom with barely any closet?

There are a few tricks out there! You can squeeze rolling racks almost anywhere, which can hold bulky items like coats or off-season clothes. But a mobile unit that looks good and works hard like this option can make a huge difference, too, thanks to its movability and the mix of hidden and open storage. And don’t forget to use your walls—hooks and shelves can get hats, scarves, even bulky things like yoga mats out of your way.

So, where do I start with organizing my closet?

You just gotta get to it! Make a plan, make your purchases, and get ready to make a huge difference in your sanity. If you need a little extra guidance, these decluttering tips can help, too.

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