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10 Best Shoe Racks for the Closet and Beyond

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If you find yourself digging through a heap of shoes at the bottom of the closet every time you want to leave the house, then it’s time to buy a shoe rack. Not only are the best shoe racks key to keeping your home organized and tidy (and getting out the door on time) but storing your footwear properly will also help keep them in great condition, so you can wear your favorite pairs longer. 

With choices ranging from over-the-door shoe organizers to rolling shoe racks to sneaky storage options that double as furniture, picking the best shoe rack for you may feel daunting. That’s where we step in! We’ve found options for every space, big or small: shoe organizers for teensy entryways, shoe cabinets for walk-in closets, tall shoe towers to put on display. No matter your style, your space, or the size of your budget, you’ll find something you’ll love on our list.


Brafab Half-Moon Rattan Shoe Cabinet



A closed-storage shoe rack that looks gorgeous in small entryways? Yes please! The half-moon rattan design is perfect for the mid-century modern home. And if you’re someone who loves shoes but hates visual clutter, this is a perfect option for you.


Dranixly Bamboo 2-Tier Shoe Rack



This slatted shoe rack from Amazon is a versatile solution that’s stylish enough for the hallway, entryway, or closet. Its bamboo frame looks sleek and modern, plus it’s available with two or three tiers and comes in three color options: black, mocha, and natural.


17 Stories 8-Tier Shoe Tower



Not only does this narrow shoe rack hold up to eight pairs, but it also features hooks for bags, hats, and more. At 11 inches wide, it can easily fit near the front door, the corner of the bedroom, or in the closet.


Gorilla Grip Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer



Worried that your shoe collection is too heavy for an over-the-door organizer? Then this option is perfect for you. It can hold a whopping 40 pounds in its 24 pockets, and you can install it in seconds, no tools or hardware required.


ERONE Shoe Storage Cabinet Organizer



Hide your shoe collection in plain sight with this 28-pair shoe cabinet from Amazon. It features a fabric shade that pulls down to hide what’s inside, and the shelves are also adjustable to fit everything from knee-high boots to ballet flats.


FORABAMB Bamboo and Rattan Entryway Shoe Bench



This option is a win-win on all fronts. The functional shoe rack doubles as an entryway bench that also lifts to hide things like magazines, keys, hats, and other miscellaneous items. It comes with a little cabinet for boots or bags as well.


17 Stories Brown Alheide 5-Tier Shoe Rack



Perfect for busy households, this five-tier shoe rack will transform your entryway from an unmanageable disaster to an organized dream. There’s room for everyone’s footwear here. The top surface is also the ideal height for keys and other important items.


Whitmor Gunmetal 4-Pair Boot Stand



Boots are made for walking…but not so much for storing. This boot stand is specifically designed to handle tall footwear that’s notoriously hard to keep organized. It holds boots upright, ensuring that they keep their shape between outings.


Better Homes & Gardens Farmhouse 3-Tier Shoe Rack



Featuring a mix of wood and metal, this shoe organizer is as beautiful looking as it is functional. Slatted shelves and caged sides also ensure proper ventilation, keeping your shoes protected and in tip-top shape.


SONGMICS 4-Tier Metal Shoe Organizer



Sleek and simple, this affordable shoe rack gets the job done without breaking the bank. The four sturdy tiers can also hold as many as 20 pairs of shoes. Its slim design and metal frame could be perfect for the closet, or in the entryway for an industrial feel.

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