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Make Your Room Pop With Scott Living Wallpaper

scott living wallpaper in bright-lit living room

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Have you been staring at an empty wall in your home wondering if now’s the time to do something different? We’re right there with you. If you’re trying to elevate your living room, make a statement in your dining room, or create a cozy ambiance in your guest room, there are plenty of unique décor ideas to get you started. But sometimes all it takes to refresh your space is a little pattern play on the walls. Adding in artwork is always a great idea—but you could also take it a step further by making the whole wall a statement. Our Scott Living wallpaper collection aims to do just that.

Drew and Jonathan designed a variety of prints to take your room to the next level, whether you’re going for something dramatic, classic, playful, artistic, or anything in between. We’ve gathered our top 10 favorite Scott Living wallpaper rolls to share with you to inspire your next makeover. (And here are tips to apply the removable kind, by the way.) We can’t wait to see what you’ve done with the place!


Scott Living 2964-25929 Westport Pewter Geometric Wallpaper



Our Westport wallpaper mixes intricate geometric pattern with a beautiful fan-shaped design. And even with its traditional paste-to-wall installation method, it’s still strippable—which means it won’t leave any residue should you decide to swap it out.


Scott Living 2964-25946 Brixton Green Texture Wallpaper



One of the easiest ways to make a room look and feel more interesting is by mixing textures. The Brixton wallpaper blends a touch of color with a unique textural look making for a dynamic wall space.


Scott Living Gold Aurum Self-Adhesive Wallpaper



This starburst-inspired print meshes an eye-catching pattern with a glossy, glamorous gold color. It makes for a bold yet versatile style that can be incorporated into a variety of rooms. The wallpaper also features peel-and-stick installation, so you can easily take it down if you rent.


Scott Living 2964-25953 Juno Indigo Ogee Wallpaper



We don’t like to play favorites, but if we had to, the Juno Floral wallpaper is definitely one of them. The whimsical print is reminiscent of the early 20th century design movements, with nods to the contemporary Scandi style. Its color also offers a pinch of mystique, which makes a perfect pairing in an office or reading nook.


Scott Living Balboa White Botanical Wallpaper



This darling wallpaper roll incorporates a neutral color palette with a subtle botanical print. It would lay perfectly on the walls of a nursery or entryway. The hint of champagne shimmer also brings a brightness to the room.


Scott Living Brynne Indigo Watercolor Wallpaper



Our Brynne roll features a petite, tile-looking pattern with watercolor strokes in a variety of baby blue hues. From afar, it resembles a beautiful mosaic, and while up close, the details are rich.


Scott Living Honey Gatsby Self-Adhesive Wallpaper



The Great Gatsby himself would fall in love with this Art Deco-inspired wallpaper. Honey colored half-rainbow shapes blend into one another, creating a fun and playful pattern that would look ultra-cute in the kids’ play room.


Scott Living Karson Geometric Wallpaper



This dreamy swirling pattern resembles beautiful paintbrush strokes. And with its light blue hue, it’s the total package to make a room feel like a sanctuary. Soothing and calm, this wallpaper is perfectly fit for a guest room or powder room.


Scott Living Textured Geometric Self-Adhesive Wallpaper



The neutral colorway, combined with the soft half-circle geometric pattern, is what makes this wallpaper roll so versatile. It’s another great peel-and-stick option that will bring life into any room that needs an extra boost of personality.


Scott Living Nara Indigo Toile Wallpaper, Blue (2975-87545)



If you’re a fan of vintage furniture or the Victorian style, this toile wallpaper will steal your heart. Lucky for you, toile is basking in its contemporary revival, and we’re all here for it. A classic pattern like this could blend into any room nicely, but especially as an accent wall in the living room or dining room.

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