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15 Best Wayfair Bookshelves to Order Online

best wayfair bookshelves

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Looking for a bookshelf to organize your home library or display your favorite decor pieces? There are endless possibilities that are just a click away at Wayfair! And the best Wayfair bookshelves are about so much more than simply holding your books. They’ll also add some serious style to your space. Whether you’re all about classic details and wood finishes or you’re leaning towards a more modern bookshelf, Wayfair has options to suit every taste.

We even found bookshelves that can double as an entertainment stand or a desk for your home office. If you’re working with a small space, opt for one of the wall-mounted shelves, floating bookshelves, or corner bookcases so you can make the most of your square footage. Of course, like all the best Wayfair home decor finds, these bookshelves come highly-rated and ready to take any space from ordinary to outstanding.


White Chrysanthos Geometric Bookcase



Looking for a bookshelf with a modern design? Try this stylish geometric bookcase. It features clean lines, a staggered cube design, and plenty of separate shelves to organize your books by genre or color. 


Black Adrianne Etagere Bookcase



An arched bookcase can serve as a striking focal point. It adds architectural charm and a touch of elegance to any space, while also providing functional storage for books and display pieces. You can buy this one in black, black and gray, or gold depending on your taste and existing decor.


Brown Saruhan Ladder Bookcase



Let’s get vertical! Featuring a tall, angled silhouette and a solid pine wood frame, this ladder bookshelf is the perfect modern storage solution for any space. 


White and Gold Menasha 5-Tier Etagere Steel Bookcase



Bring a touch of glamor to your room with this five-tier bookshelf. It features sleek white shelves and an iron frame with an elegant gold finish. The open shelving will also provide an airy feel to your space and stylishly showcase your favorite books and decor.


Rustic Brown Lundquist Corner Bookcase



To save even more floor space, consider opting for a wall-mounted corner bookshelf like this. It features a unique zigzag shape as well as curved shelves. Concealed screw holes give it a clean and stylish look.


Rustic Oak Eulas Etagere Bookcase



This low-profile bookcase offers plenty of storage for your favorite reads. Plus, it’s also wide and sturdy enough to double as an entertainment stand. Steeped in industrial style with its rugged, X-shaped frame and clean lines, this shelf would work well with a variety of modern decor styles.


Espresso Corner Bookcase



Corner bookshelves offer a stylish solution for adding visual interest to undecorated corners while also providing practical storage for books and decorative items. This one is crafted with a sturdy, solid wood frame and has five tiers of shelves that ascend in size, longer shelves at the bottom and then smaller at the top.


Bovina Floating Shelf

Floating shelves are another great option for maximizing your space and creating a minimalist look. Buy as many of these single shelves as you’d like in white, black, or espresso, for a custom look that reflects your unique style.


Doyno Bookcase



There are so many exciting ways to customize this simple white bookshelf. Three of the five shelves are adjustable, so you can move them up or down to accommodate taller items. You could also buy multiple bookshelves and connect them to create a built-in look. Or instead, attach patterned wallpaper, fabric, or even a mirror to the back panel to add visual interest. The possibilities are endless!


Aberdeen 3-Piece Circle Accent Shelf



If traditional bookshelves aren’t your style, consider this wall-mounted accent shelf with a unique circular silhouette. The mango wood shelves feature an asymmetrical design that will bring even more visual interest to your room.


Coby Leaning Ladder Desk



Make the most of your small office with a bookshelf that doubles as a desk. This one features a modern leaning ladder design with two built-in shelves, a compact desktop, and a hideaway cubby to help keep your space clutter-free.


Bonnay 3-Piece Tiered Shelf



If you don’t have a lot of floor space, consider a wall-mounted shelf with multiple tiers. This one features a stylish industrial design with a pipe-style frame and distressed natural wood shelving. 


Babyletto Spruce Tree Kids Bookcase



The little ones need a bookshelf, too! This cute shelf will bring a cheerful touch to your child’s room with its whimsical tree design. And it’s just as practical as it is playful—each branch holds around 12 to 15 of their favorite children’s books.


Abacus Universal Expert 4-Tier Ladder Shelf Bookcase



We give this one an A+ for style! Featuring a four-tier construction and an A-frame crafted from solid wood, this shelf will bring a clean and contemporary look to your space instantly.


Vintage Black Manito Storage Bookcase



With its chic, distressed finish, this bookshelf will fit right into any rustic style home. Put your favorite books and decor on display, while using the cabinet for added hidden storage.

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