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4 Easy DIY Projects With Self-Adhesive Wallpaper

With more time at home these days, we know there’s a balance between redesigning a space and wanting to avoid feeling overwhelmed by a massive project.

Enter self-adhesive everything, from floor tiles to backsplashes to countertops. The most exciting development: self-adhesive wallpaper, which allows for a quick refresh without breaking the bank. 

Check out some of the great uses we’ve seen you coming up with featuring our Scott Living self-adhesive wallpaper, available at Lowe’s. Walls really are only the beginning. (But let’s begin there anyway.) 

Rooms In Bloom 

Justyna has the right idea here: a floral print can brighten up a small space, like a guest bathroom or a laundry room, that otherwise could have been the forgotten room in the house. Sometimes small rooms are the best to experiment with, because the transformation is immediate (and they take less time!). 

A Winning Linen Drawer 

And speaking of small spaces, Katie may have won the award for smallest space transformed with self-adhesive wallpaper by sneaking this fern print into a redone linen closet. Breaking up a neutral with an unexpected design does more than just add a little flair – it reminds us that every space can be thoughtfully designed. 

Stairway to Reno Heaven 

Carley is killing the game with this abstract print that plays against the dark staircase in a big way. Again – small space, big transformation. Small budget, big impact. Small … OK, we’ll stop. 

Don’t be afraid of a big breakup 

Debbi figured out how to get the best of both worlds by breaking up a full wall with shelving … or did she break up shelving with the wallpaper?  

Want to show us how you’re using self-adhesive wallpaper to change your space? Remember to tag @scottlivinghome and use #ScottLiving and we might feature you! 

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