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How to Elevate a Space With Accent Living Room Furniture

how to elevate your living room

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It’s easy to tell the difference between a living room that’s stylish and a living room that really feels elevated. But when sifting through magazines or looking at before and after photos like the ones we see on Drew and Jonathan’s shows, we often wonder, “How did they do that?!” That bespoke, effortlessly chic style doesn’t just happen without forethought. But the formula for creating a room that feels stylized, personal, and dramatic is actually pretty simple. Broken down, it’s utilizing the combination of three core parts: the room’s color palette, variety in textures, and the living room furniture itself.

The “wow” factor we’re searching for doesn’t exist in one particular design style, wall color, or piece of furniture. Making a room stand out has more to do with curating a collection of pieces that serve a purpose, are built to last, and fit your unique style. In fact, taking the time to choose elements that really speak to you will go a long way in making your room stand out. To help you plan out your living room redesign, we’ve collected a few tips and core living room furniture pieces to think about while you set the stage for your new space.

Incorporate a Stylish (and Functional) Accent Cabinet

living room accent cabinet with chair and art

Why sacrifice form for function when you can have both? An accent cabinet not only increases your living room’s storage capacity, but can also act as a centerpiece to display flowers, pottery, or other smaller keepsakes. You can hit the jackpot when searching for pieces like this in local antique shops, thrift stores, or Facebook marketplace, as many secondhand options will be made of real wood and feature timeless design styles.

Lean Into a Beautiful Armchair

round accent chair with wooden base

Go bold with a few key pieces. When choosing standout living room accent chairs, playing with shapes, colors, fabrics, and materials will make your room feel more stylized and unique. We want to make sure each item complements one another without being matchy-matchy. Diversifying your materials, colors, and textures in the room will create a more visually appealing space that’ll look boutique and chic.

Embrace Playfulness With a Unique Coffee Table

coffee tables for small spaces

Just like there are plenty of ways to personalize your morning brew, your coffee table can also do more than just hold your beverages. Don’t be afraid to go bold with an unusual shape, color, or unique material like iron or plaster. If you’re working with more neutral, comfortable sofas, why not make your coffee table a conversation starter? This centerpiece to your seating area will get people talking about more than just their favorite drinks or favorite books.

Feature a Cozy Ottoman

cozy neutral sofa in front of big window with ottoman and faux fur blanket

A living room isn’t truly a living room until you’ve done some proper living in it. And believe us: A large, cozy ottoman is a great way to increase the day-to-day comforts of your room. Arguably, being able to kick up your feet and wind down after a long week can be the deciding factor that turns a house into a home. Make sure you’re choosing fabrics that are soft to the touch and build that will withstand frequent usage.

End Tables Are Just the Beginning

fluted accent table with plush chair

You’ve incorporated interesting furniture, a soft area rug, chic drapes, and comfortable seating. But something feels…incomplete. What you could be missing is a stylish side table to bring the room together. A well-positioned end table is useful, and can add personality to a room without taking up much space. Choosing an end table with interesting character or an out-of-the-box design will make a subtle impact to a cozy space.

Use Wallpaper to Up the Custom Feel

scott living wallpaper

Sometimes all that’s holding back a room from reaching its potential is an uninteresting, empty wall. Our Scott Living wallpaper collection perfectly ties together a space that feels bare. What’s fabulous about peel-and-stick and traditional wallpaper is its ability to amplify a room’s personality, or provide a highlight in smaller rooms. So before you reach for the paint, sample a wallpaper and see if it brings the room that necessary oomph.

Make a Statement With Your Lighting

bright living room chandelier

Lighting is everything—whether you have a small space or a big footprint. The right lighting, like a table lamp or living room floor lamp, will amplify the living room furniture and design that you worked so hard on, and it can even bring some much-needed character into a room that’s utilizing more neutral mainstay pieces. This is also the perfect place to play with new textures and shapes without making a huge statement.

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