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10 Must-Haves for the Ultimate Guest Bedroom

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When you’re welcoming guests into your home for a visit, the last thing you want is for them to be uncomfortable during their stay. Whether it’s a friend from college or an entire branch of your family tree, it won’t go unnoticed to show them just how much you appreciate their travels by making their stay extra cozy. If you’re looking for guest bedroom ideas that will make your out-of-towners feel like they’re staying in an elegant spa, we have just the things to make that happen. These must-haves will help create the ultimate home-away-from-home for your special guests.

When making a guest room welcoming and cozy, there are certain steps you have to take to prep your space. It doesn’t matter if you’re doubling the office as a guest room, have smaller square-footage, or are making do with a blow-up mattress in the spare room—there are ways to prep the space that’ll allow your guests to feel at home. Of course, you’ll want to make sure the room is neat and tidy for their arrival. And you should also take time to clean the mattress, wash the sheets, and freshen up the space, since it probably doesn’t get as much TLC as the rest of your home. Apart from that, though, are the finishing touches that really make all the difference. Our 10 guest bedroom ideas will help take you there.

1. A Gorgeous-Smelling Room Spray

Candles add a calming fragrance to any room, but guests might be hesitant about an open flame in somebody else’s home. A beautiful-smelling room spray offers the same aromatherapeutic benefits without the safety hazard. Spray a few spritzes of room spray right before your guests’ arrival. Then, leave a bottle on the nightstand to encourage your guests to indulge in the soothing scent as they drift off to sleep.

2. Add Lots of Layers

Comforter sets create a cozy, cohesive look no matter what. But why not go the extra mile for your guests and add a soft quilt underneath too? Those who are always chilly will appreciate the double layer, while those who get hot easily can use this lighter blanket instead of the heavy comforter to sleep with.

3. A Variety of Pillows

Have you ever spent the night in a hotel tossing and turning because you couldn’t stand the pillows? Or rather, the lack of pillows? Don’t let your guests suffer the same fate! Providing more than one pillow option—feather, down alternative, memory foam—will ensure they get a restful sleep. (And if you know they sleep on a silk pillowcase at home, have one of those on hand too.) It’ll make their stay that much more comfy, and will make you seem that much more considerate.

4. Position a Bench Or Chair

An upholstered bench or a cozy corner chair offer another surface for guests to set out clothing or other items for easy access. Plus, it’s a convenient spot for them to sit and put on their shoes, decompress with an afternoon scroll, or cuddle up with their latest novel. Choose one with storage under the seat to keep all those extra pillows and blankets handy!

5. Plug In an Air Purifier

Your guests will breathe easier (and sleep better) with an air purifier that removes allergens and other particles such as mold, dust, and dander from the air. Purifiers have come a long way in terms of aesthetics over the years, so you can maintain your room’s style while also keeping the air clean. And for the tech lovers, there are even smart air purifiers you can purchase that will order their own replacement filters when they run low.

6. Easy-Care Greenery

Plants will add color and texture to any room—as long as you remember to water them. Since your guest room gets less traffic than the rest of your home, pick ones that look pretty but require minimal maintenance, such as a cascading Pothos, a snake plant, or living wall. You can also choose to go no-maintenance with a faux plant or potted tree.

7. A Smart Speaker

Treat your company to their own voice-enabled speaker that can play music, set alarms, give weather reports, and answer questions about your neck of the woods. Wireless smart speakers tend to be the most stylish (no cords!), and some can even be customized with fabric to match your guest room décor. However, even having something as simple as a Bluetooth speaker will be nice to have so they can listen to music when they wake up, or play white noise while falling asleep.

8. A Full-Length Mirror

Whether they’re getting ready for a day of sightseeing or dressing up for dinner, one of the best guest bedroom ideas you can add to the space is a full-length mirror. In a large guest room, a freestanding mirror can double as decor, but if you’re short on space, hanging one on the back of the door works just as well. The important thing is that guests can get ready and dressed in the comfort of their own room.

9. Provide a Handheld Steamer

There’s a pretty good chance that whatever your guests packed in their suitcase will end up with a few wrinkles by the time they arrive at your door. Help them look and feel their best by leaving a handheld steamer in the closet, on the bench, or atop a shelf—it takes up way less space than an ironing board. And your guests are sure to thank you for preventing a wardrobe malfunction.

10. Hang a Unisex Bathrobe

Enhance the hotel feel of your guest quarters by providing each visitor with a plush white bathrobe to lounge in. (Bonus points for matching slippers.) After they leave, just wash the robes along with the guest towels so they’re all ready for your next batch of visitors. Having something ready for your guests to relax in while they do their nightly routine will make all the difference in the comfort of their stay.

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