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Inside The Design(s): May 6 HGTV Marathon

Kicking back today with Property Brothers: Buying & Selling? Check out more of our designs from today’s HGTV marathon, and be sure to tune in for back-to-back episodes of Property Brothers: Forever Home tonight starting at 8 p.m. ET, including a brand new episode at 9 p.m. ET.

BS kitchen

Oh Brother! (Season 7, Episode 13)

Taylor and Jessica’s home was overflowing with not only furniture and stuff but people, too, including their three children and Jessica’s brother. To increase the property’s value—so the family could upgrade to a more spacious place—we modernized the living room, turned a cramped kids’ bedroom into sleek guest quarters, and executed a major kitchen transformation that elicited happy tears and goosebumps.

Going To The Dogs (S7, E15)

We hate to play the blame game, but this spacious home was being torn apart by the family’s three dogs. From the clawed-up floors to the wasteland of a backyard, it needed some serious restoration in order to make an impression on potential buyers. 

A Number-One Hit Property (S7, E17)

Nashville-based musicians Lisa and Lee Roy knew it was time to move on from their charming three-bedroom home, but it was nowhere near ready to sell for top dollar. Just a few of its issues: The kitchen was aesthetically stuck in the ’50s, the living room was cluttered with bulky recording gear, and built-in bookshelves were eating up valuable real estate in the great room.

Downsizing With Daughters (S8, E4)

We were mentally renovating Catherine’s home before we even walked in the front door—because half of the exterior was eclipsed by shrubbery! In addition to the overgrown landscaping, the interior layout was choppy and things were falling apart in every room. 

Finally Finished Family Home (S8, E6)

Dana and Andy can explain their disaster area: Their original plan was to rip everything up and renovate their home themselves, but a change of jobs halfway through the project meant they no longer had the time to finish.

Moving Downtown (S8, E8)

To Crystal and Jon’s relief, their home didn’t need a structural transformation to be sold for top dollar—just four weeks’ worth of serious cosmetic work on the main floor. We replaced many of the boring builder-grade options and outdated design choices they’d implemented years ago, and it took just $35,000 to increase their property’s value by nearly $100,000.

Hand-Me-Down Forever Home (Forever Home S2, E7)

Michelle and Brian’s forever home has been in their family for 20 years: 10 years with Michelle’s mom, and now 10 years with Michelle and Brian, who added twins to the happy family. After two decades, it was time for a little more space and a lot of updates.

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