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Inside The Design(s): HGTV July 29 Marathon

We have an unprecedented marathon for you today on HGTV: the full first season of Celebrity IOU all morning, followed by Property Brothers all afternoon. What are you waiting for?

Michael Bublé, Drew and Jonathan

Michael BublĂ©’s Shocking Surprise! (Season 1, Episode 4)

Singer Michael Bublé pays tribute to his grandfather by fulfilling his final wish: to provide his caretaker, Minette, with a place to live with her family. Michael called on us to help him renovate his grandfather’s house before surprising her with it.

Drew, Jonathan, Melissa

Melissa McCarthy’s Hero Home Makeover (S1, E2)

Actress Melissa McCarthy headed to Chicago to give back to her Aunt Connie and Uncle Jim, both retired police officers. We worked to created an upstairs retreat where Connie could cook and entertain, and a downstairs man cave equipped with all the comforts Jim deserved.


Viola Davis Delivers a Dream Home (S1, E3)

Actress Viola Davis headed to Minneapolis to surprise Michelle, her acting school roommate and best friend of 30 years, with a home renovation. Viola worked with us to create a peaceful sanctuary where this caring mom can finally put herself first.

Drew and Jonathan removing a wall

Brad Pitt’s Gifting a Backyard Pad (S1, E1)

Brad Pitt recruited us to help him surprise his friend and makeup artist of 30 years by renovating her detached garage. We turned her 400-square-foot unit into a show-stopping guest suite, makeup station and storage area.

Jeremy, Drew, Jonathan

A Mom Renner-vation! (S1, E6)

Actor Jeremy Renner is moving his mom to Los Angeles to be closer to family, so he called on us to transform her dated condo into a modern-meets-cozy oasis.

Rebel Wilson, Drew and Jonathan

Rebel Wilson’s Surprise Outdoor Oasis (S1, E5)

Rebel Wilson’s newly married hairstylist and best friend Nicole spent all of her savings to buy a home, leaving the couple with barely any money to renovate their backyard. Rebel worked with us to turn her barren space into an outdoor oasis.


Nutty and Proud (Property Brothers S14, E4)

The home that Becky and Justin purchased wasn’t in their desired neighborhood—and had what we’ll generously call a “unique” layout—but they saw the potential in its square footage. We got to work making major structural changes, like reconfiguring the kitchen and converting the former garage into the master suite, to accommodate their need for several entertaining spaces. 

Gambles and Jackpots (S14, E7)

After taking a chance on love, Las Vegas newlyweds Mindy and Paul went all-in on a search for the home where they could build their new life together. Over 150 houses later, they found the one in the right location with the potential to create the perfect space for entertaining. 

Renovation Therapy (S13, E10)

With two small kids and lots of sweet keepsakes, Kat and Ryan needed more space than his former bachelor pad could ever provide. So we transformed this choppy home into a flowing space where little ones and mementos can be seen at all times.

Family Fun House (S13, E8)

Susy and Scott’s big, fun family found a big, fun house that came with lots of “good” (four bedrooms, soaring ceilings, a pool) and lots of “not so good” (tacky columns, a leaky roof, a confounding mishmash of design styles).

Strength in Numbers (S14, E12)

With seven kids plus a baby on the way, Austin and Cody needed a home that would comfortably fit a family of 10. Since most houses simply aren’t built for that many people, we knew that whatever we found would have to undergo some major renovations to make it work. 

Flashback: Kate & Gavin (Property Brothers: Forever Home S1, E9)

When Kate and Gavin first bought their home 10 years ago, it was just the two of them and a dog. Since then, they’ve added two kids and two more dogs to the mix.

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