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10 Kitchen Island Decor Ideas for a Fun Focal Point

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No man is an island and no island is an island… without a little design help, that is! Many people may not consider kitchen island décor ideas when they’re finalizing their renovation or planning a refresh. But it’s actually the small details that pull the whole kitchen together and make it feel like your own.

These kitchen island decorating ideas prove exactly that. Trying them out can be as simple as adding greenery or a pretty fruit bowl or as involved as installing new pendant lights or assembling stools. No matter how you decide to spiff up your cook space, though, you’ll be glad you did once you see how big of a difference it makes. Just take a look at Jonathan and Zooey’s kitchen. It feels more warm and welcoming thanks to those personal touches here and there. And speaking of making a big difference… maybe it’s time to organize those kitchen cabinets, too?


Hampton Bay Talullah Pendant Lighting

Home Depot


Look up! An island isn’t much without its surrounding elements, and pendants are great because they can tie a look together and offer additional task lighting.


Vynopa Wood Cookbook Stand



Whether you’re old-school and use physical copies or you look up recipes online, it’s nice to have a place to set your instructions. And when you’re not whipping up something tasty, you can use this stand to display a favorite recipe—it adds a personal touch and pop of color without even trying!


Gracie Oaks Faux Olive Tree Plant



Greenery makes a huge difference in any room, but maintenance can be tricky. This set of faux olive trees comes with the pots, so you just have to set them out and enjoy them.


Alcott Hill Mace Wood Tray



The simple tray is a universal household favorite because it makes random odds and ends look thoughtful. As kitchen island décor, use it to hold salt and pepper shakers, napkins, or other items that otherwise look scattered.


StyleWell Benfield Biscuit Upholstered Bar Stools

Home Depot


Bar stools can make an island come to life: A statement island can be grounded with a modern, neutral set, and a neutral island can get a fun pop with colorful seating. Pick your player!


Gracie Oaks Utensil Crock



You need a place to store your utensils anyway, so you might as well choose something that looks good. A crock like this makes a great kitchen island decorating idea since it’s both chic and useful.


Zipcode Design Tabletop Hurricane Set



A variety of candles can add a ton of ambience to a long kitchen island. If real candles aren’t your thing, you can fill them with flameless options instead.


Folkulture Wood Fruit Bowl



A wooden fruit bowl is another piece that’s fun and functional. You can fill it with fresh fruit or veggies, or with other decorative objects.


Molimoli Oil and Vinegar Dispenser



You may not even realize how all those different bottles displayed on the counter can make an island look sloppy. Consider transferring oils and other cooking liquids to uniform bottles so that they look like fancy décor.


NakedWoodWorks Personalized Cutting Board



A custom touch is always welcome! This personalized cutting board would look lovely set out on an island.

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