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19 Best Baskets for Storage to Organize Items, Big and Small

best storage baskets

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When it comes to organizational MVPs, nothing gets the job done quite like the best baskets for storage. They’re the perfect pinch hitter in almost any space, instantly working to corral clutter and add a touch of style to homes big and small. The top storage baskets on the market can seamlessly flex their functionality, helping you do everything from making sense of seasonal decor to organizing your bathroom or streamlining the laundry room. Plus, because they come in a variety of different materials, shapes, and sizes, there’s an ideal option out there for everyone, no matter their style, budget, or floorplan.

Here you can find some of the best baskets for storage out there that combine form and function into a useful and beautiful product. So whether you’re looking for a stylish way to stash your prized olive oil assortment, an underbed bin that isn’t an eyesore, or just want to calm the chaos of your kiddos’ Lego collection, the storage baskets below are begging for a spot in your home.


Best Baskets for Desks

Desktop Storage Basket



If your home office or other surfaces are in disarray, look no further than these inexpensive nesting baskets. They can camouflage items like papers, keys, sticky notes, and more, while still looking super chic on your desk, kitchen island, or wherever you want them to live.


Best Basket Set

Fluted Cardboard Storage Baskets



With the leather-like lids and fluted details, you’d never know these are made out of recycled paperboard! The set comes in three different sizes, and would be perfect for housing crafting supplies, pens, remotes, or other little items that get in the way of a smooth surface. They’re also available in four colors.


Best Basket for Kids

Bear Basket

West Elm


How adorable is this bear basket? It’d make an excellent nursery decor addition. Even better: It can hide a ton of stuff, whether it’s toys, blankets, clothes, or whatever you need to stow out of sight.


Sedona Black Hamper

Crate & Barrel


Sometimes, you just need to keep a lid on it! This would look right at home in a bedroom or closet, but you could also use it in the living room or laundry room. With it’s 24-inch height and lid to cover whatever’s inside, it’s an organizational superhero.


Foldable Fabric Storage Bin With Handle



This two-pack comes in five colors and would look great in a toy room, office, closet, or other area where you need several baskets, but want the shelf to look uniform. They’re also foldable, so if you decide you don’t need one at the moment, you can easily stow it away.


Best Basket for Colorful Rooms

Jute Laundry Basket



Not into baskets’ usual natural color scheme? Try this 25.5-inch tall find that comes in a pretty khaki green. (Though it is offered in black and beige, as well.) It also has a handle so you can move it from room to room with ease.


StorageWorks Storage Basket



Hot take: These are the best fabric storage baskets on the market. The reason? They combine the soft and casual appeal of a fabric storage bin with the grit and function of more industrial designs, thanks to a built-in MDF bottom insert and hidden metal frame that allows them to handle up to 30 pounds each. Choose from a selection of neutral-but-better shades like oatmeal, cream, taupe, and gray.


MoDRN Leather Storage Baskets, Set of 2



Open shelving and storage have been a stylish marriage for years now, but it does pose a logical issue when it comes to disguising excess toys or accessories. This pair of water hyacinth storage baskets are just the solution for your TV console or open bookshelf—they boast enough depth to keep things like tech cords, magazines, and remotes hidden, and sturdy leather handles that make them easy to pull out and move from room to room if necessary.


World Market Drew Acacia And Water Hyacinth 3-Tier Basket Stand

World Market


A good rule of thumb: To be functional, storage has to be accessible. If you have to go through several steps to put something away properly, you’re probably going to be less inclined to do so, right? Enter: This stylish tower of baskets, which keeps toys, cozy blankets, or even workout gear at the ready for their next moment of use. The baskets themselves are nice and deep, and the natural hyacinth material brings warmth and texture to your decor.


ClearSpace Plastic Storage Bins



Bid farewell to the days of wrestling with bottles of cleaning supplies every time you open your under-sink cabinets. These clear plastic storage baskets are just the solution, with extra tall sides that will keep your bottles of sprays and solutions from toppling over. The shatter-resistant plastic can handle whatever wear and tear your cleaning sprees throw at it, and the whole design can be wiped clean with mild soap and water.


OrganiHaus Woven Hanging Baskets



Put a swath of empty wall space—or the back of your door!—to good organizational use with help from this charming trio of hanging baskets. They’re connected and hung by a sturdy woven cotton rope and each basket features a buttoned strap at the top to keep the contents contained. Use all three for housing extras in a nursery or guest room, or dedicate one to a more stylish addition, like a cozy throw or sprig of faux greenery.


Spectrum Diversified Wire Basket



If you’re looking for the best storage basket for any room in your home, a metal design should top your list. They’re the most versatile, thanks to their wipeable nature and ability to hold most items (with the exception of bitsy toys) securely. This duo from Amazon combines a touch of industrial metal with thoughtful details, like a label plate for denoting what belongs in each box and a front tab that helps you easily pull them in and out.


Haixin Collapsible Bins



If you’re aiming to completely overhaul your seasonal storage strategy, look no further than this innovative collection of organizers. Where traditional bins feature hard plastic sides and clunky lids, these collapsible boxes tout a plethora of useful features, like partially clear sides and the ability to fold completely flat when not in use. In yet another stroke of genius, they open from the front—similar to a set of French doors—so if you have them stacked in a pile and need to access something from the middle, you don’t need to play Tetris to fetch your holiday decor or favorite vacation dress.


West Elm Modern Weave Rattan Underbed Baskets

West Elm


Under the bed is a common place for stashing out-of-season clothes or lesser-used items—but out of sight doesn’t have to mean out of style. Instead of relying on a clunky plastic bin, turn to this sleek under-bed storage basket, which incorporates versatile rattan for a durable yet design-forward aesthetic. (Plus it’s breathable, so your clothes won’t get musty). The hinged lid keeps everything tidy and protected from dust bunnies.


SmartStore Nordic Basket

The Container Store


For items where ventilation or wipe-ability are key (think: cleaning products, pantry items, or beauty basics), these durable recycled plastic storage baskets are great. They feature sturdy integrated handles and a plethora of holes to allow for ventilation, plus the option to buy an accompanying teak lid to make them secure and stackable. As a bonus, many of the colorways available are just “frosted” enough to make their contents distinguishable without adding too much visual clutter.


Nashrio Home Mini Plastic Baskets



These clever crates combine industrial design with a charming palette for an irresistible take on the traditional storage basket. Intended to mimic the look of a fruit or grocery store crate, their petite size makes them the ideal option for adding a pop of vibrant organization to your desktop, laundry room, or nightstand. (They’re especially great for messy teens!). The best part? They fold completely flat when not in use, so they won’t add additional clutter to your…clutter.


Yamazaki Home Slim Rolling Wheeled Hamper



Part storage solution, part laundry MVP, this Yamazaki rolling storage basket will transform the way you do chores on the daily. Not only does it hold a ton of laundry (a whopping 14.5 gallons, in fact), but the water-resistant wheels and easy-grip handle allow you to roll it to your laundry room with ease. That’s not the only use, though; You can put it to work as an accessible way to corral outdoor play gear or even your impressive wrapping paper collection—basically anything you don’t want to schlep around yourself.


Skywin Plastic Stackable Storage Bins



Transform your pantry into the grocery store display of your dreams with the help of these stackable storage baskets from Skywin. You can use them individually or notch them together to form a tower that makes use of vertical space instead of floor space. Diamond-shaped vent cutouts on each piece are a charming way to promote good airflow, ensuring your onions, potatoes, squash, or other produce stays fresh and ready for their dinnertime debut.


Yamazaki Home Storage Caddy



Are you particularly passionate about your skincare routine or a staunch hobbyist when it comes to painting? Add this convenient portable storage basket to your collection and watch as those become instantly more organized. The taller sides of this design make it an ideal place to store wobbly or small items, while the sturdy wooden handle allows you to cart your goods around the home. It’s a great way to rethink your First Aid gear, emergency kit, cleaning supplies, and more.

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