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15 Small Bathroom Storage Ideas That Will Really Get You Organized

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The bathroom is one of the most important rooms of the house. Whether you have an expansive primary suite like Jonathan and Zooey’s or a beautiful half bath, it always has to hold a lot of essentials, like toilet paper, towels, products, and more. So if you’re working within a less forgiving footprint, you may be scratching your head on the right small bathroom storage ideas you need to keep everything clutter-free. But there are tons of clever products that can tackle that, like organizers that double as bathroom wall decor and modern vanities with a small frame that pack big storage.

The most important thing when planning your bathroom organization project is to consider what issues you’re having now. Do you have a pedestal sink you can’t get rid of, and are lacking the counter space to place styling tools and skincare? Are the cardboard boxes that your cotton swabs and contacts come in an eyesore? Could you use more large, closed storage to hide your essentials? Once you’ve identified your pain points, you can shop solutions below to fix them. And then you’ll be ready for the fun part—decorating your bathroom!


Kriitools Woven Storage Baskets (Set of 3)



A good set of baskets is your best friend in the bathroom. With so many tools, products, towels, cleaning products, and more that are necessary to store, baskets act as the perfect catch-all to keep your things organized. By organizing your hair products, skincare, and your spa day essentials into different compartments, you save yourself a lot of time rummaging around trying to look for them.


Godboat Bathroom Organizers



No room for a large over-the-toilet cabinet? Try this clever shelf instead. It slides over the back of the tank and stays in place with two adhesive stickers. Our editor puts the apothecary jars seen below in it, as well as lotions and hair products.


SPACEKEEPER Slim Rolling Storage Cart



There are so many small bottles, containers, and tools needed in a bathroom. If you’re short on vanity storage, you may feel stuck on where to put it all. This super slim cart is the answer, as it can hold a ton of stuff (one of our editors confirms this!) without taking up a ton of room. It’s also customizable, as it can be used as stackable undersink shelves, too.


White + Sable Apothecary Jars With Lids (Set of 3)



Bathroom cabinet cluttered with boxes of cotton rounds and other small bathroom goods? These clean, modern apothecary jars are the perfect solution to those storage woes. And because they look great on display, you can save space in hidden storage areas like beneath the sink or inside the medicine cabinet for things you’d rather keep behind your cabinets.


allen + roth Sandbanks Single Sink Bathroom Vanity



The right centerpiece can make a world of difference when organizing a small bathroom. But vanities can often be too large for small spaces. Luckily, this modern pick packs a punch, with a tilt-down upper drawer as well as an adjustable shelf behind its cabinet doors. And all this storage within a 30-inch frame? We’re sold!


FUQARHY Tall Wood Storage Cabinet



When you have a small bathroom, you know how important it is to maximize the room’s storage capacity. This beautiful wood storage cabinet is 65 inches tall and just 13 inches wide, making it slim enough to shimmy into any space. It features six adjustable shelves, as well as a cabinet door for closed storage. How’s that for a space saver?


Sorbus Towel Holder



You’ll probably hear this a lot from us, but never underestimate the wall! It’s a perfect spot for mounted organizers like this one that can hold three towels. That’s so much more convenient than having to run down the hall to a linen closet when you need a new one.


YIGII Hair Dryer Holder



Hair tools are bulky and hard to organize. This over-the-door shelf makes quick work at keeping them under control and out of sight. Though you can also mount it on the wall, should you have a pedestal sink or be fresh out of room in your current vanity.


Over The Door Hanger with Coat Hooks and Mesh Baskets



Another sneaky storage solution? It’s hiding right behind your door! Over-the-door storage options like this one offer a ton of space-saving ability. This pick, for example, has both hooks as well as baskets. So you can hang your towels or laundry bag on the back, and still have room to store products like soaps, scrubs, and other bathroom needs.


Bay Isle Home Laplant Solid Wood Over-the-Toilet Storage



Another spot you might be overlooking is just above your toilet. And guess what? There’s minimal installation involved, too. This bamboo over-the-toilet storage cabinet features a sliding door for hidden storage, and a shelf for easy-grab items like cotton swabs or extra towels.


BREIS Multifunction Organizer



Most makeup organizers take up a lot of counterspace, but not this one. It’s thin, but still has two small drawers and several compartments that can handle different-sized items like perfume, makeup brushes, cosmetics, and more.


Coraje Shower Caddy



When taking in the amount of usable space you have, don’t forget about your shower! These shelves are easy to install and can hold up to 40 pounds of bath supplies. Now you can go all out with your self-care routines!


Fern Wall Cabinet



For those struggling with floor space, it might be a good idea to look to the walls for help. Installing a beautiful new cabinet above the toilet or over your towel rod will add a bounty of new storage. And of course, it doesn’t have to look stale. This arched wall cabinet from Anthropologie packs a stylish punch, while also offering two adjustable shelves and even a drawer inside its doors.


ZGO Floating Shelves



And if you are running out of shelf space, don’t forget that you can always add more. These floating shelves are easy to install and have a simple design that will match almost any small bathroom’s decor.


Spacekeeper Under Sink Organizer



Don’t let mess pile up under your sink just because it’s out of sight. This organizer optimizes your cabinet space and comes with removable dividers so you can customize your storage.

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