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10 Small Bathroom Storage Ideas to Try

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Raise your hand if you’ve ever dreamed of having your own massive, personal spa! Unfortunately, that may not be a reality right now. But there are ways to make your space feel luxurious, no matter the size. The first step is to streamline everything, and these small bathroom storage ideas are a great way to get started on that. 

Whether it’s sneaking in a small bathroom storage cabinet, updating your vanity, or finding ways to get your everyday essentials in order, you’re sure to find something helpful here. You’ll be surprised at how your mornings get a little easier when everything has a place. And hey, you may find the adrenaline rush of a clean counter so exciting that you move on to organizing your bedroom next.


Flaherty 36″ Single Bathroom Vanity Set



The right centerpiece can make a world of difference when organizing a small bathroom. This vanity not only looks great, but packs a spacious two-door cabinet and a top-tilt drawer all within a petite 36” frame that will fit almost any bathroom.


Coraje Shower Caddy



When taking in the amount of usable space you have, don’t forget about your shower! These shelves are easy to install and can hold up to 40 pounds of bath supplies. Now you can go all out with your self-care routines!


Aozita Apothecary Jar



No one wants their cotton swab boxes and floss pick packages cluttering up the counter. These clear jars keep everyday items easy to access and they look chic while doing it.


Calirose Freestanding Over-The-Toilet Storage



Another spot you might overlook is above your toilet. These four-tier open shelves maximize your storage capacity in a big way, and their raised edges ensure you don’t have to worry about accessories falling down and making a splash.


Netany Plastic Storage Baskets



When in doubt, always turn to baskets. These have a plastic woven design that’s perfect for bathroom storage because they’re waterproof and easy to clean.


ZGO Floating Shelves



And if you are running out of shelf space, don’t forget that you can always add more. These floating shelves are easy to install and have a simple design that will match almost any small bathroom’s decor.


Tuoxinem Small Bathroom Storage Cabinet



This cabinet’s tall, slim profile can fit in a lot of teensy corners and crannies. It’s great for holding extra toilet paper, products, and more.


Spacekeeper Under Sink Organizer



Don’t let mess pile up under your sink just because it’s out of sight. This organizer optimizes your cabinet space and comes with removable dividers so you can customize your storage.


Webi Over The Door Hook Door Hanger



A lot of people forget that you can use your door as more than an entrance. Add on these hooks, and you also have a great place to hang towels and bathrobes.


Teamson Home Catalina Detachable Bathroom Cabinet



For those still struggling for space, it might be worth it to install completely new cabinetry. Coated with a dark espresso finish, this cabinet will provide warmth, style, and ample storage space.

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