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10 Best Underbed Storage Containers to Maximize Every Bit of Space

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These days, no amount of space should go unused at home, no matter how much square footage you have. And since any time is the perfect time to get organized, you might as well stock up on storage saviors like baskets for toys in the living room or drawer organizers in the kitchen. When it comes to bedroom organization, there’s almost nothing better than one of the best underbed storage containers. Whether you’re thinking about a dorm room or a primary suite, these can make a huge difference in storing bulky items like sweaters, blankets, holiday décor, boots, and more. Those festive Fourth of July decorations you just took down? Sweep them under the bed.

While there are hundreds of great underbed storage container options for different spaces and needs, there are a few worth checking out first, including underbed shoe organizers that look like storage drawers, rolling underbed storage units with wheels, stackable plastic storage boxes, and others that are easy to slide in and out. Read on for the best options to get rolling with right now.  


Ziz Home Under Bed Shoe Organizer



This lightweight underbed shoe storage container is easy on the eyes while offering plenty of space to store up to 12 pairs of shoes per container. Available in beige and gray, this top-rated organizer also folds up when it isn’t being used, meaning it doesn’t just provide great storage, but is easily stores itself.


StorageWorks Underbed Storage Box



Offering a similar look, this design-forward underbed storage box boasts a dust-proof exterior and built-in label holder for when you forget which box your scarves are in. It’s available in a series of white, tan, black, and gray color combinations with a transparent top, making it even easier to see what’s inside at a moment’s notice.


Rubbermaid 68 Qt. Under the Bed Wheeled Storage Box



Plastic storage is an equally important category to consider, and these wheeled containers from Rubbermaid are the best of the best. With durable wheels for easy movement, a dual-hinged transparent lid, and a short height that offers flexibility for low underbed spaces, this storage box is a must-have for every household.


Woffit Under Bed Shoe Storage Organizer



For those who prefer a durable shoe organizer with qualities like a firm base, robust zipper, and reinforced handles, this best-selling option provides extra sturdiness. It comes in two styles, including one specifically for boots, so it’s a reliable choice for winter shoe storage.


Homyfort Underbed Shoe Storage Boxes



Speaking of durable, this organizer features 14 extra-large compartments to store up to 28 shoes per container. With thousands of rave reviews that praise its larger capacity, this underbed shoe storage box is a perfect choice for families.


PHINOX Store Under the Bed Storage Containers with Wheels



For those who want quick and convenient access without dealing with zippers or lids, these rolling underbed metal storage containers are a perfect option. They also have wheels that lock when they need to stay in place.


iWill Create Pro Store Under Bed Shoe Organizer Containers with Lid



Some prefer an underbed drawer look, and this lidded storage box is perfect for achieving that. It’s made with breathable linen and features a collapsible design that can be hung or stored when not being used.


Container Store Our Large Shoe Box

The Container Store


Made with an easy-to-open locking lid and clear, unbreakable polypropylene, The Container Store’s signature underbed box also makes this best-of list for obvious reasons. This storage container falls within the brand’s modular collection of stackable storage boxes, meaning it can be stacked securely to provide the most efficient use of any underbed space and is able to store longer items like rolls of gift wrap.


Container Store Case Of 6 Our Long Underbed Boxes with Wheels

The Container Store


For a rolling option, this box from The Container Store also comes in an extra-long version with wheels. The extended length is perfect for oversized items, and the wheels roll smoothly in and out of any underbed space. Even with wheels, these containers can be stacked.


Budding Joy Store Large Storage Organizer



Over 23,000 5-star ratings? These large storage bags deserve a round of applause for their spacious capacity (90 liters per organizer!), soft and strong material, and reinforced seams that add extra strength for holding larger items like duvets and blankets.

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