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10 Best Underbed Storage Containers to Maximize Every Bit of Space

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These days, no amount of space should go unused at home, no matter how much square footage you have. And any time is the perfect time to get organized! When it comes to bedroom organization, there are so many space-saving hacks to take advantage of. But nothing beats underbed storage containers. Be it a dorm room or a primary suite, these can make a big difference in storing bulky items like sweaters, blankets, bedding, shoes, and more.

There are thousands of underbed storage container varieties for different spaces and needs. While we scrutinized the options, we considered ease of use, the size and storage capacity, the sturdiness of the container, and the material used. We found 10 options that are not only highly-rated online, but also fit the bill in terms of our own set of standards. And while you’re thinking of reorganizing, you might want to double-down and stock up on storage saviors like toy baskets for the kids’ or living room, and drawer organizers for the kitchen, too.


Sedona Under-Bed Storage Basket

Crate & Barrel


Who knew an underbed storage container could look so pretty? This handwoven basket offers you plenty of space to store extra linens, shoes, or clothing. It’s available in white, honey, black, and gray. The basket also comes with a lid, so you don’t have to worry about your items collecting dust.


StorageWorks Underbed Storage Box



This design-forward option has a transparent top and a built-in label holder for when you forget which box your scarves are in. It’s available in a series of white, tan, black, and gray color combinations. This storage container also features a reinforced bottom, so it’s durable enough for stacking, too.


Linen Underbed Basket

Pottery Barn


If you’re in the market for a storage container that’s easy to clean, looks gorgeous, and features a convenient design, you’ve found it in this Pottery Barn linen basket. Its yarn-dyed fiber looks fabulous with any decor, and its smart design is no-fuss, making it a great choice for those in need of something simple and chic that gets the job done.


Open Spaces Underbed Storage (Set of 2)

Open Spaces


Looking for something chic and sturdy to keep your linens and sweaters cozy and safe? This underbed storage container from Open Spaces is lightweight and easy to handle, offering a soft shell as well as breathable protection. It’s made with natural canvas, features a soft-but-sturdy lid and a leather handle, and it fills just like a suitcase.


Woffit Under Bed Shoe Storage Organizer



For those in the market for a sturdy shoe organizer, this best-selling option provides rugged reinforcement. It features a firm base, robust zipper, and reinforced handles. It also comes in two styles, including one specifically for boots, so it’s a reliable choice for winter shoe storage.


Homyfort Underbed Shoe Storage Boxes



Speaking of durable, this organizer features 14 extra-large compartments to store up to 28 shoes per container. With thousands of rave reviews that praise its larger capacity, this underbed shoe storage box is a great choice for families (or those who just love shoes!).


PHINOX Underbed Storage Container with Wheels



Want quick and convenient access to your storage bin without dealing with zippers or lids? These rolling underbed metal storage containers are the perfect option. They also have wheels that lock when they need to stay in place.


iWill Create Pro Store Under Bed Shoe Organizer Containers with Lid



Some prefer more of an underbed drawer look, and this lidded storage box is perfect for achieving that. It’s made with breathable linen and features a collapsible design, so it can be stored or hung when not in use.


Grey Stripe Fabric Underbed Box

The Container Store


This fabric underbed storage box from The Container Store keeps clothes and valuables dust-free in a gentle container. A hinged lid helps provide easy access, while the fabric lining keeps your items protected. Its pinstripe design is timeless and sophisticated, and the cube also folds flat for easy storing when not in use.


GILLAS Underbed Storage Containers with Lids and Wheels (2-Pack)



Sturdy container? Check. Wheels? Check. Folded lids for easy access? Check. The GILLAS underbed storage bin is a fantastic option for those who want a container made of sturdy plastic that can hold a bunch of items but still looks chic.

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