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10+ Floating Shelf Decorating Ideas for Every Room

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Calling all organization enthusiasts! If your idea of a weekend well-spent includes categorizing your closet or tidying your kitchen drawers, then you’re probably always on the hunt for more ways to sneak in storage. Chances are, you have more than a few shelves in your home—and probably already appreciate how key they are to calming the chaos of day-to-day life. But have you considered floating shelf decorating ideas? These stylish additions are a must-have decor element in any home, helping to seamlessly marry form with function.

From floating shelves for corners that level up the vibes in your small bedroom to reclaimed wood that adds just the right rustic touch to your kitchen, there are hundreds of stylish floating shelves suitable to any room in your house. Another bonus? Their light and airy form allows you to add more storage space to a room without creating too much visual heaviness or clutter. Below, shop some best floating shelves, with picks perfect for your bathroom, playroom, plant collection, and more.


Love-Kankei Floating Shelves



Gardening enthusiasts will love the extra storage space floating shelves provide—they’re basically an excuse for adding more plant babies! This design offers a touch of extra stability (and style) with the addition of side brackets, which also provide a place for climbing plants to attach and establish.


Three Posts Vincenzo 3-Piece Wall Shelves



Make the most of every nook and cranny—literally—in a small room with a clever set of corner floating shelves. They’re designed with a 90-degree angle and meant to nestle into the corner for a creative way to bring visual dimension and design to an otherwise forgotten spot.


WoodubuyAU Scallop Floating Shelf



Between bitsy shoes, bedtime books, and bundles of toys, kids’ rooms and nurseries come with a lot of stuff to organize—and the right floating shelf can be a great means of doing so. This scalloped design adds just the right amount of charm and whimsy, while still providing plenty of surface area for favorite action figures, dolls, or collectibles.


17 Stories Rustic Shelves



If your kitchen could use a homey touch, try a rustic set of floating wood shelves to enliven the space. Available in four different finishes, they’re the perfect combination of farmhouse design and functionality. They boast a generous depth for showcasing your collection of handmade dishware or housing an array of cooking oils and spices.


Latitude Run Farlan 3-Piece Metal Floating Shelf



Let’s be honest: You can never have enough storage space. If you could use an extra spot to stash toiletries in the bathroom or art supplies in your craft room, look no further than this three-tiered design from Wayfair. With roomy white shelves and a modern metal frame, it will hold a surprising amount of stuff.


ZICOTO Spice Rack Organizer



Keep tabs on all your favorite spices—and easily distinguish your cumin from your chili powder—with a floating spice rack. Not only will a design like this keep all your bottles standing in order, but the organization will clear more room in your cabinet (or on your countertop) for other must-haves. Want to really make your kitchen feel chef-worthy? Transfer all your spices into matching glass bottles for a clean and uniform look.


Rubbermaid Linen Closet Shelf Kit



A workhorse space like a laundry room needs an up-for-anything storage solution, and these wire floating shelves fit the bill. They can be a great way to make use of any spare wall space atop your washer and dryer, creating a convenient spot to stash detergent, dryer sheets, stain remover, and more. Another perk? The open-wire design allows you to hook hangers onto the shelves so you can hang dry delicates.


Urban Outfitters Maura Wall Shelf

Urban Outfitters


Beyond just adding additional storage, floating shelves can be an easy way to increase the style quotient of a room, especially in snug spaces that are short on square footage for furniture. If you’re looking for a way to add a bit of personality to your decor, choose a floating shelf design that packs a punch, like this sculptural version.


Amada Home Furnishings Floating Shelves



Bathrooms are usually snug on space, making them ideal for slim shelving solutions. Use floating shelves to house everything from a stylish candle and small bud vase over the toilet to your robust skincare routine by the sink. Bonus: This trio comes in various finishes to coordinate seamlessly with your design.


Ebern Designs Ezlyn’ Media Console



Create an instant focal point in your living room with a double-decker floating shelf design that doubles as a media console. This version is realized in a timeless white, with clean lines that lend a modern touch. There’s plenty of room for everything you could need, from a WiFi router to a basket for your remotes.


YGEOMER Floating Shelves



Office spaces come with a lot of paperwork and stuff, so chances are good that you could use a bit more storage no matter what you do for your 9 to 5. These versatile floating sleeves can be installed with the brackets facing up or down, allowing you to diversify your look. Each can hold up to 40 pounds, so feel free to deck them out with business books, tech gear, file folders, and more.


Hofina Shop Green Floating Shelves



Think of floating shelves like a piece of artwork for your home. Just like the right painting or photograph can enliven a room (and draw all eyes to your wall), so too can the right floating shelf. If painting your room a bold color makes you wary, opt for a vibrant shelving option instead (like this grassy green) to bring added personality to your space.


Baseroots Hanging Shelf



If your goal is just to add a dose of decor to your walls, you don’t need to spend a lot of time worrying about finding a large or sturdy floating shelf. Instead, you can opt for a more decorative design, like this hanging rope and wood version from Etsy. Use it to showcase small trinkets, like the brass figurines you like to collect from the flea market or your favorite cozy candle.

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