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Sweet Nursery Theme Ideas to Welcome Baby in Style

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Bringing home your baby is a monumental moment that changes a lot about your life—and your home! If you’re currently preparing for a baby, you’re surely on the hunt for the best nursery theme ideas to help create a magical escape for your little one. From thematic murals to whimsical furniture and sneaky storage, there are a lot of ways you can subtly—but sweetly!—work a theme into your child’s bedroom without it feeling over the top.

Not sure where to start? Below, we’re rounding up four of the best nursery theme ideas (all gender-neutral, by the way!), plus the decor and furniture you’ll need to make the look come alive in your own space. All that’s missing? Your little bundle of joy. And maybe a few more essentials, but Drew can help you with that.

Animal-Themed Nursery Ideas

animal themed nursery ideas

Animal schemes are one of the best nursery theme ideas out there, thanks to the flexibility (and fun!) they offer. You can cater your room’s design to really any friend that suits your fancy, from elephants or eagles to a playful tribute to the family pup.

Start by narrowing in on your chosen animal, as well as a color scheme that matches your vision, like an ombre of blues or a selection of sorbet shades. From there, look for playful accents like oversized stuffies, wall hooks, or patterned bunting to hammer home your vision. Artwork is also a great way to lean into an animal-themed nursery—sites like Etsy have a bevy of options you can personalize with the name of your littlest love for a welcome home like none other.

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Woodland-Themed Nursery Ideas

Corner chair with teddy bear in nursery

If your family loves exploring and adventures, a woodland-themed nursery may be the perfect way to pay tribute to that. Nature-inspired nursery decor is soaring in popularity (in fact, this photo may look familiar because it’s pulled straight from Drew and Linda’s nursery for Parker!).

To bottle the feel of the forest, look first to the walls—a large-scale mural, shimmery nature-inspired wallpaper, or leaf decals can go a long way in making the entire room feel like it’s surrounded by greenery. Woodland accents are also a must, so look for charming additions like a birch branch shelf or baby animal art. When it comes to a color palette that really ties the whole look together, incorporate muddy neutrals (like deep sage, burnt orange, or taupe) to add sophisticated color that can grow with your kiddos long after infancy. Oh, and cordless window treatments are a must, too—they’re great for safety and controlling light! You can find plenty of options for those here.

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Bunny-Themed Nursery Ideas

bunny themed nursery ideas

Let’s be honest—there’s almost nothing cuter than a baby bunny (except for your impending human one, of course!). This fluffy friend is a favorite for nurseries and playrooms alike, and there are nearly endless ways to incorporate bunnies into your child’s room decor.

Take inspiration from a bunny’s softness and aim to make every corner of the nursery a plush and happy escape—think fluffy blankets, cozy chairs, and plush rugs. Incorporating a bunny’s likeness is a must, too (again, the cuteness!), so shop for furniture, bed linens, and other accessories that boast two telltale ears. Stumped for a color palette? Work in dusty pastels for a scene that would make Peter Cottontail feel right at home.

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Cloud-Themed Nursery Ideas

cloud themed nursery ideas

To create a sunny, happy nursery for your baby… look up! A whimsical cloud motif brings the magic of the sky to your baby’s bedroom, where the forecast calls for only sun (and maybe a few rainbows).

Start by coating the walls in a light blue, then turn to white in every form to evoke the feeling of living within a fluffy cloud. A plush sheepskin rug underfoot will feel like walking on air (and make for a great place to practice crawling) while cloud-shaped pillows bring the fanciful theme to life. Finishing touches like a cloud light or a charming mobile will keep your little one’s eyes trained on the sky.

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