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14 Best Kitchen Cabinet Organizers for Extra Storage

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Finding the best kitchen cabinet organizers can feel like a puzzle. It’s important to make use of every inch of space, so you can keep your dishes, spices, cooking essentials, and other items within reach. But here’s the kicker: You want your cabinets to look streamlined, too. Squeezing in a ton of stuff without things getting chaotic? That’s a pretty tall order!

These cabinet organizers are the answer. They cover all types of kitchen storage woes, with solutions for food containers, pot and pan lids, cooking ingredients, and even water bottles. There are baskets and bins, over-the-door organizers, spice racks, and plenty of other clever ways to ensure that when you reach into your cabinets, you’re actually getting what you need—without taking everything else out. A decluttered home is a happy one, after all! And on that note… have you organized your kitchen drawers lately?


Copco Non-Skid Turntable



A turntable organizer is a great way to store spices, jars, or cans. This one has two levels, which means twice the real estate, and it cuts down on frustration, too: Instead of having to take out all your beans and tomatoes to find what you’re looking for, you can simply spin it around.


BambĂĽsi Plate Organizer



Round dishes in square cabinets can lead to a lot of unused corner space. Slot in an organizer like this one for plate, bowls, and dinnerware, and you’ll be surprised at how much extra room you make for other items.


SpaceAid Spice Rack Organizer



Spices can be tough to corral because their bottles aren’t stackable. Save space with this rack that has room for 36 spices and comes with the bottles and labels to keep things looking uniform.


YouCopia WrapStand



Keep aluminum foil, parchment paper, plastic bags, and more looking neat, tidy, and accessible with this adjustable organizer. It’s also easy to transport, so you can move all the boxed goods you need from under the sink, to the counter for cooking, and back again with ease.


Simple Houseware Stackable Kitchen Cabinet Organizer



When you have a lot of small jars and cups, don’t try to stack them into a shaky tower. Instead, simply add in another level of shelving to keep them separated and sturdy.


MUDEELA Pots and Pans Organizer



It’s hard to get started on your meal if you don’t know where the lid to that one pot is stored. This organization tool keeps all your cookware streamlined and has three different installation modes to fit your specific space.


Spectrum Over The Cabinet Wire Storage Basket



Create a whole new pocket of storage by hanging this basket inside of your cabinet’s door and using it for cleaning supplies, towels, bags, and more.


Zri Bamboo Spice Rack



Tidying up doesn’t have to look boring. This expandable shelf is made from gorgeous, sustainable bamboo and gives you a central place to display your spices, hot sauces, and other condiments.


Simple Houseware Stackable Sliding Basket Organizer



For many folks, individual drawers are easier to organize than entire pantries. This sliding organizer helps you corral certain types of items into one area, which is easier to keep cleaned up in the long run.


Lifewit Stackable Water Bottle Organizer



Water bottles are hard to store because they can be too tall for some cabinets and too bulky for others. This stackable option makes it so much easier to keep oddly shaped bottles at bay.


ClearSpace Plastic Storage Bins



These clear storage bins are a game-changer for your on-the-go products like cereal bars or fruit snacks. Bonus: They make your pantry look nice, too.


Tebery 2-Pack White Under Shelf Wire Basket



Another way to expand your storage space is by adding an extra basket below an already existing shelf or cabinet. This is easy to install and can hold up to 10 pounds.


SWOMMOLY Expandable Food Storage Container Lid Organizer



Eating leftovers is good for both the planet and your wallet, but storing them can be tricky when you’re scrambling for a top that fits. Never misplace a lid again with this clever item.


Spectrum Diversified Euro Kitchen Organizer



If you feel like you don’t have enough specialized items to dedicate to one organizational tool, then this divider ensures you’ll have a spot where most of your dishes, baking sheets, and cutting boards can slot in easily.

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