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Tony Hawk Drops In With A ’71 VW Van

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Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk wanted to give a one-of-a-kind road trip machine to Galina, his company’s Vice President of Fun and his professional mentee. Tony’s fond memories of his family’s VW Camper Van led us to grab a 1971 version and bring it 40 years into the future, with a moonroof, custom kitchen and updated interior. Now Galina, her husband and their dog can hit the road in style.

Before & After


Galina’s previous car was a retrofitted Honda Element that she tried to make into a camper with a wooden pallet table, but it wasn’t quite working. Tony wanted to give her the real deal, so we created a custom roll-out kitchen that would extend from the back and provide everything she needed for a real, home (er, road)-cooked meal. You can see the full extension further down in the post.


Galina apparently has acquired a reputation for being a little rough on things, so we wanted the interior to withstand whatever she threw at it. Extra-durable vinyl-and-tweed seat covers and vinyl laminate flooring will do just the trick, while the neutral color palette will provide the backdrop she needs to make it her own.


The revamped VW van looks amazing to drive, in no small part because we dropped the bumpers and installed new taillights for a seamless look. But that wasn’t the only thing we cut—no, we took out most of the roof to install an acrylic moonroof that gives all kinds of space for dreaming under the stars.



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