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Danny Trejo Tricks Out A ’58 Impala

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Actor Danny Trejo has known hard times in his life, from a harrowing childhood to years spent in prison. After getting out and getting clean, Trejo began picking up small movie roles while working as a drug counselor. Now, decades later, Trejo is a globally recognized actor, business owner and car lover—especially lowriders. Danny had a particular project in mind for his close friend Mario: taking a rare 1958 Chevy Impala and turning it into a bona fide lowrider. With a little help from Danny and Cristy, Ant became immersed in lowrider culture and turned over a one-of-a-kind car to Mario.

Before & After


Getting this ’58 Impala to drop down mean installing an air bag kit, which fit easily in the massive trunk. Customizing it, though, was a whole other trip to a custom engraver, who not only created a work of art for the air ride kit, but also under the hood. (Check out the photo slideshow above!)


Danny wanted to get the Impala right for Mario, which meant replacing the racing wheels someone had installed on the Impala and bringing in some small-spoke wheels with the all-important whitewall tires. Those sweeping fenders aren’t gonna hide these beauties.


Believe it or not, those aren’t decals: that’s hand-painted detailing. Some lowriders will feature incredible amounts of art across the car, but this Impala was already well along in the restoration process, so some well-placed highlights were all this Impala needed to make an impression on the street.



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