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Mary J Blige Reveals A Ravishing Range Rover

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Grammy-winning singer and actress Mary J Blige wanted to reward the loyalty and dedication of her assistant, Nicole, who never would have chosen a luxury ride for herself. Trusting Ant and Cristy to get the details just right, Mary chose a Range Rover Velar to give Nicole a classy, jet-black look on the outside and just the right dose of personality on the inside.

Before & After


Mary insisted that Nicole would want everything to be simple and low-key, but we couldn’t help giving the outside world a hint of what was going on inside the Range Rover Velar. We replaced this outer trim piece with the same aluminum-copper-sheet metal as a nod to both the interior and Mary’s nail color of the day.


Mary had mentioned a brown leather for the interior, so Cristy hit her with a range of pieces. Nicole’s love of basketball made the choice easy, especially as it paired so well with the copper sheet metal details we placed throughout the interior.


For the headliner, we went with Alcantara, a smooth, synthetic suede-like material that’s easier to clean than suede and creates a plush, luxury look. (Louis Vuitton uses Alcantara linings in many of its bags.) Now, Nicole has an interior that lets the chrome and copper highlights sing, as Nicole turns the speakers up in her brand new ride.


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