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Shop Drew and Jonathan’s Holiday Gift Guide for 2023

2023 Drew & Jonathan Holiday Gift Guide

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

The holidays have always been magical for Drew and Jonathan. When they were growing up, they spent the season enjoying traditions like crafting homemade decorations, caroling, and Jonathan sneaking a peek under the tree. (Though he maintains he was only looking at the presents so he could rewrap them to be prettier…) These days, they fill their holidays with even more special memories with their growing families.

Just like Drew and Jonathan, you’re probably looking forward to spending a few days with the loved ones in your life—and the itinerary for that time together likely includes exchanging gifts! Whether you’re shopping for gifts for kids, presents for your favorite hostess, white elephant ideas, or anyone else that’s made the cut for your Nice list, it’s you’ll always want to see a smile on their face when they rip off that wrapping paper. And the Brothers are here to help narrow in on that just-perfect present! Below, you’ll find Drew and Jonathan’s holiday gift guide for 2023, filled with unique, personalized, and just-plain-fun ideas for this season.

So get shopping and have a happy holiday!  


Murder Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle

Uncommon Goods


I love a good game and a whodunit, and this is both. You read the story behind the murder mystery and use that as your guide to complete the puzzle, which will help you solve the crime. Pretty clever! —Drew


Marycele Candle Warmer Lamp



Candle warmers have been everywhere this year. The bulb actually melts the wax and that’s what releases the scent. Pair it with your favorite candle and you have one heck of a hostess gift. —Jonathan 


The Farmstand Nook

Lettuce Grow


If you have a home chef in your life like we do with Linda and Zooey, then you know how important fresh ingredients are. With this self-watering, self-fertilizing system, they can grow their greens and herbs all year round. Sage anytime you want? Yes, please. —Jonathan 


Baker’s Bundle



This pure ceramic baker’s bundle is 100% nontoxic and will make their creations look even more delicious. Maybe they’ll even whip up your favorite cupcakes as a thank you for introducing them to their new favorite cookware… —Drew


Character The Go Set

Bespoke Post


This starter toolset is great for anyone who just bought their first home or moved into a new apartment. It comes with the basics as well as a carrying case to keep everything together. The best part, though, is the colors… because everything in your house should have personality, including your hammer. —Jonathan


The Looker Play Kit



These are really amazing children’s development toys. They have play kits for kids up to age 4, but this one is made for 0-12 weeks. It helps build brain connections using things like high contrast images, sensory mittens, and more. —Drew


Date Night Set



I‘m the resident ping pong master in this family, and I think I need to stake my claim on the pickleball court next. If someone on your list loves friendly competition, get them this set that comes with two paddles, three balls, a carrying case, and a cooler. —Drew


Maddie M. Personalized Word Search Throw Blanket

Uncommon Goods


Now this is an original personalized gift. You can pick up to 15 words to hide in this throw blanket, like pet names, jokes, or anything you want. They’ll have fun searching for all the messages and they can stay cozy at the same time. I think I’ll get this for Drew and hide “Jonathan: Ultimate BVB Champion” on it. —Jonathan


Smash and Grab Gift Card

Man Crates


Time to channel your inner Property Brother! This set comes with a hammer, safety mask, and a concrete brick they have to smash to get the gift card hidden inside. —Jonathan


Kunitsa Personalized Recipe Book



I love the idea of getting Linda a book where she can keep track of her favorite recipes. Maybe one day she’ll even pass it along to Parker! —Drew 


Vintage Bookshelf Edition Games



We love board games, but they can be an eyesore. These are cleverly disguised like vintage books, so they can keep them handy without taking away from their decor. —Jonathan


OMOTON Adjustable Phone Holder



Another stocking stuffer or white elephant gift they’ll use a ton is a phone stand. This one’s adjustable, comes in several colors, and it also has a weighted, anti-slip base for extra stability. —Drew


Sharp Smart Convection Microwave Drawer Oven



Grill, bake, toast, roast, and air fry to your heart’s desire with this convection microwave drawer oven. Not only will they love the function, but the sleek features like touchless opening will make them feel fancy every time they use it. —Drew 


Holiday Hand Soap Kit



Little luxuries are always the best, and hand soap definitely falls on that list. This eco-friendly refillable set comes with 12 scent tablets that’ll last them long into 2024. —Jonathan


Philips Hue Smart Light Starter Kit



Lightbulbs may not sound like a snazzy gift but these are (especially if you pair them with a stylish lamp, like this one from our collection). Once they’re set up, they can use their phone to turn the bulbs on or off, change the colors, create lighting schemes, and more. Trust me: The first time they realize they don’t need to leave the couch to set the mood for movie night, you’ll be getting a big thank you. —Drew 


Beurer BR60 Insect Sting and Bite Relief



Itching to get them something useful? This insect string and bite relief really works! Parents and outdoorsy types will be so happy they have this in their bag. —Drew


The New York Times Explorer: 100 Trips Around the World



The gift that says, ‘Let’s take a trip this year!’ It’s full of tips, tricks, and photos of gorgeous destinations around the world to inspire their travels. It also makes a nice coffee table book. —Drew


Customized Pet Sweater

Uncommon Goods


The pet people in your life will go barking mad over these. Get their BFF knitted on a sweater so they can brag about their fur babies everywhere they go. —Jonathan


LEGO Floral Art



LEGO kits are crazy these days! This one makes a great gift because they get a piece of wall art out of the finished product. —Drew


Bamboozle Kitchen Compost Bin



Whether they’re longtime composters or just getting started, a countertop bin can help keep the process simple. This bamboo option comes in a ton of colors so you can choose one that fits their decor, plus it’s dishwasher safe and has a filter. —Drew

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