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Thoughtful and Unique Gifts for the Hostess In Your Life

Hostess Gifts

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We all have that one person in our lives who just lives to entertain. It seems almost second nature to them! But from planning the dinners, desserts, and drinks, to beautifully decorating their homes, to knowing exactly how late Uncle Jimmy will show up, it’s no easy task. For all they do for us, our hosts definitely deserve a warm “thank you” this season. Even hostess gifts as simple as a board game can really show how much you appreciate all the hard work that goes into hosting those holiday parties and gatherings.

Every hostess has a different hosting style, but one thing is universally true: Every host will love receiving something that’s practical. Now, there’s always the tried-and-true bottle of wine or fresh bouquet of flowers, but going the extra mile will always make someone feel special. I mean, how much vino can guests give a host before they just totally run out of cabinet space? You don’t have to think too outside of the box here, but the extra effort won’t go unnoticed.

Luxurious Basics & Cooking Essentials

Un-basic their basics and jazz up your host’s counter with something special. This olive oil and fuyu persimmon vinegar set from Flamingo Estate is produced on a sustainable, organic farm that utilizes practices that can help reverse climate change and improve soil health. And if your host appreciates life’s eccentricities, they’re going to love these viral salt and pepper grinders from Dusen and Dusen.

Serving Dishes & Trays

There are few things more satisfying than serving fresh olives and cheeses on top of a new serving tray. Especially during this busy time of year, a serving dish or a festive set of plates can be so useful (not to mention beautiful!). Just think of all the charcuterie boards that will be styled on these trays for years to come.

Board Games, but Make ’em Modern

Here at DrewandJonathan.com, we love a little friendly competition. And board games and puzzles are some of our very favorite group activities (as long as Jonathan is winning). Consider modernizing their game collection with a new rendition of a classic or this Piecework puzzle that’s pretty enough to frame. All of these games are also beautiful enough to put on display!

Bar Cart Accessories

The bar cart—a place for flavor and flare, and all the cutest accessories that you can never have too much of. Whether your host is a low- or no-ABV connoisseur or a sommelier who could explain the difference in body and legs in every wine from Chablis to Barolo, the bar cart accessory possibilities are endless! These cocktail bombs from Sur La Table are so cool—just drop one in a glass, fill it with your sparkling beverage of choice (plus 2 oz. of liquor if you’ll be drinking alcohol), and voilĂ ! You have yourself a fun twist on a traditional bevvy. There are six in a box: Cosmo, bellini, margarita, lavender lush, prosecco rose, and a hangover drink bomb.

A Beautiful New Apron

Have your hostess cooking in style this holiday with an apron that says, “chef status.” Take your pick from a quirky (and downright adorable) pink apron adorned with pups wearing desserts and fruits, a chic and festive gingerbread village embroidered apron, or a classic red striped apron perfect for the holidays. Every home chef and hostess loves a new apron around the holidays, especially knowing that it was hand-picked for them from a loved one.

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