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Google Released Its Holiday 100 List for 2023: Here’s What to Shop

Google Holiday 100 Gifts

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Each year, Google conducts their annual Holiday 100 Gift Guide. Through rigorous research, cultural insights, and consumer data analysis, the Google team calculates the top 100 products that have defined the year. Think of it almost as a Year in Review: Most Epic Finds Edition. After examining the 2023 Google Holiday 100 and its data, we gotta say, there are some pretty incredible items inside. Some you’d expect, others you’d never guess, and some that will make you go, “Why haven’t I seen that yet?!”

For the trendsetters, the “it” crowd, the stylists, and the trailblazers, being in the know is second nature. But buying gifts for them isn’t always so easy. Google’s Holiday 100 is less about playing it safe or buying what everyone else is, and more about intentional shopping. Yes, items inside this curated collection are popular, but they’re also purposeful. Some products are purely useful; others are purely beautiful; and still others spark joy, creativity, and individuality.

In addition to conducting consumer research, Google also spoke to people who influenced our world this year, from YouTuber Emma Chamberlain, to Miami Heat basketball star Jimmy Butler, to Oscar-nominated actress Stephanie Hsu (Everything Everywhere All At Once), who all hand-picked items that have inspired them. (And that they’ll actually be gifting their own loved ones.) Each of their interviews dissected what gifting means to them, the strategies they use to find the perfect gift, and their favorite holiday memories. Without further ado, here are a few things that stood out to us, too!

The Tea On Dining

This year saw leaps and bounds in the kitchen and dining world. There were new-tech appliances and fresh plays on color, as well as a surge in kitchen DIY makeovers, and innovative and eco-conscious products. We see cozy mini fireplaces, utility-grade coolers, nut milk makers, and of course, the Stanley tumbler, all leading the pack here.

It’s the Little Things in Life 

This year, we’ve embraced the cozy and the things that make life a little less stressful, however small. Think fuzzy-as-a-bunny slippers, candle warmers, and luggage that makes traveling a bit more enjoyable.

Self-Care Is Always In

Perhaps the most innovative products this year belong to this category. At-home acupressure mats, sauna blankets, and filtered showerheads that actually look chic in the bathroom and perform like a dream? Count us in. Self-care isn’t going anywhere, and everyone in your life (including the kids!) is deserving of a little “me” time this holiday.

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