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20 Best White Elephant Gifts for Your Holiday Party

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‘Tis the season for good times! The year has flown by and now we’re in the throes of Thanksgiving, holiday parties, and more evenings spent with friends and family. One event you may have coming up on your calendar is a white elephant gift exchange. Although everyone plays it differently, the official rules state that everyone brings a present; then you all draw numbers to determine the order; the first person picks and opens a gift; and then the following attendee can either steal the first gift or open a new one…and it’s all chaos from there!

Finding the best white elephant gifts is a mix of art, science, and usually a bit of humor. You should consider who’s attending the party, the group’s price point, and (if you’re competitive like Drew and Jonathan) what everyone would want to “fight” over. That’s a lot of pressure, so we’re helping you out with these white elephant gift ideas below. They range from silly to seriously cute, and all are certain to make someone smile. Ready to be the hit of the party? Start scrolling!


Waitu Blanket Sweatshirt



There’s a reason these are so popular. (We’re talking 18,000 5-star ratings, popular.) They’re one of the coziest things on the internet, they’re under $30, and they’ll also make your giftee laugh. All the components you need for a white elephant win.


Homesick Premium White Elephant Scented Candle



A little on the nose, but isn’t that what white elephant is all about? Plus, this one is fun and functional, since they’ll be getting a candle with notes of orange, champagne, gingerbread, and balsam. It’s basically the holidays in one cute package.


Nostalgia Tabletop Indoor Electric S’mores Maker



How genius is this electric s’mores maker? It comes with two forks, four compartments for ingredients, and a flameless heater. Sweet tooths will certainly trade for this gift.


Laffyett Custom Photo Socks 



This is a great gag gift for your white elephant party. You can customize the socks with a photo of someone on the invite list, a pet, or really anything that speaks to the group’s inside jokes.


Stanley Insulated Tumbler Cup, 40 oz.



Need we say more? There’s no arguing that these Stanley Tumblers have had a stronghold on the world this year (Google agrees!), so pick one up for your gift exchange and watch everyone fight for it.


Menore Christmas Slippers



These adorable fuzzy slippers have been going viral this season. These are printed with a tree, but there are also reindeer, Santas, lights, and more. For under $10? Fa-la-la-fabulous.


Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm



If you prefer to pick something you know people will love, then this lip butter balm is one of the most fail-safe white elephant gifts. It’s wildly popular, comes in several flavors and subtle shade colors, and will also look great in their bag or on their office desk.


Lavender Aromatherapy Sleep Mask

Uncommon Goods


Give them the gift of sweet dreams with an aromatherapy sleep mask. They’re made with lavender essential oils, dried lavender buds, and a silky soft fabric that’ll make them feel instantly relaxed.


Truff Hot Sauce Mini Pack



If your group likes to keep things spicy, this 4-pack of mini Truff hot sauces is the way to go. They can keep one in their bag, one in their car, one at home, and one at work. You never know when there’s going to be a hot sauce emergency!


M-Jump Duster Mop Slipper Socks



These are 1.) silly looking, 2.) affordable, and 3.) may help you clean your floors. In short, one of the best white elephant gifts!


Scott Living Old-Fashioned Whiskey Glasses



A nice set of whiskey glasses is a classic gift. Consider bringing a bottle with it to make your present stand out even more.


ACITHGL Bubble Candle



A bubble candle has a hint of whimsy without losing its practicality. These come in sets of two and in several colors.


Zulay Milk Frother



A milk frother makes morning coffee so much more fun! You can even gift it with a bag of local beans and a mug to pull the whole idea together.


Guajolote Prints Funny Novelty Memo Pads



Your coworkers will get a kick out of these memo pads. Don’t be surprised if they all fight over them at the office holiday party.


DASH Holiday Tree Mini Waffle Maker



They’ll have a holly jolly breakfast thanks to this mini waffle maker. The festive print on the outside is fun, too.


Puffin Puffy Beverage Jacket



Of course they need a puffer for their favorite beverages. If only it came in plaid…


Odistar Desktop Vacuum



We can all admit how dirty our desk space gets. A little vacuum cleaner is just the thing to keep all those chip crumbs at bay.


Favensen Food Magnets



Every area of the house should get an upgrade, including the fridge! These fun food-shaped magnets are just what they need to display all those holiday cards.


Kiehl’s 3-Pc. Hydrating Hand Care Set



You can’t go wrong with hand cream, but this set is particularly great because it has three scents. Maybe they’ll even share one with you!


SoundBot Bluetooth Shower Speaker



Anyone who thinks they become Beyoncé in the shower will appreciate a bluetooth speaker like this one. The rest of the house on the other hand…

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