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Inside The Design(s): HGTV Sept. 9 Marathon

Prepare yourself for the season premiere of Brother Vs. Brother tonight (HGTV, 9 p.m. ET | 8 p.m. CT) with a Property Brothers: Forever Home marathon today!

Family Home Refresh (Season 1, Episode 13)

Rina and Nilesh have cherished their Toronto home ever since buying it as a young couple in love. Seven years later, they’re still young and in love, but now they have two kids and no storage! 

Dream Home in the Vegas Suburbs (S1, E2)

With three kids, three dogs, and a towering five-bedroom home, Troy and Susan have a lot going on—and a lot going wrong, design-wise. They tasked us with a renovation focusing on the main floor, which includes the kitchen, family room, mudroom, and play area. 

Family Heirloom Home (S3, E9)

Nicole’s grandfather built their home in the 1950s. The home is rich with family history, and Nicole and husband Graeme are happy as can be, raising their three kids in the home she grew up in. But a house that used to work for three people was no longer functioning for their family of five. 

Rescued Into a Forever Home (S2, E6)

Valerie and David love their 100-year-old house, but it’s having trouble keeping up with two kids, a beloved family dog and a new puppy about to arrive.

A Forever Home for Avery (S3, E4)

Sam and Jeremy’s Forever Home is in the neighborhood where Sam grew up, with her mom right around the corner. Six-year-old daughter Avery gets visits from Grandma every day, but the home’s cramped, closed-off layout no longer works for their family. 

New Family, New Floor Plan (S3, E10)

Patricia and Bruce had made a lot of memories over the past 10 years with their son Logan in their suburban Forever Home. When Patricia and Bruce adopted his late brother’s two young kids, they suddenly needed their house to match the size of their hearts.

Marrying The Old And The New (S2, E2)

Amy and Kate fell in love with a vintage home in an urban neighborhood filled with friends for their young twin boys, Edgar and Hank. Nine years later, some of the charm of their character home has worn off.

New Lease on Life (S2, E12)

Paola is the rock of her family, a hardworking single mother of two whose home is the hub for every get-together. After Paola’s cancer diagnosis a year ago, and recent news of remission, she and daughter Michelle decided to prepare her forever home for the next years of extra-special celebrations.


A Home Fit For Superheroes (S3, E6)

After living in small city condos, comic enthusiasts Adam and Waylon (and their adorable cats) found a spacious suburban home to settle into and start the next chapter of their lives. 

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